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  • Gary Rosenblum - Quality printer, good bang for the buck

    Read the reviews - you really do want to wear a pair of disposable gloves when first setting it up, or anytime you want to add ink. Otherwise you'll end up with mutli-colored thumbs, and ink will drip on other parts or on the table. Tanks hold a great deal of ink. The setup was trivial, including working through the LCD pad to connect to my hidden SSID. Though, took a search to figure out how to switch quickly between numbers and caps. Packing was well done, no wasted space, blue non-gummy painter's tape secured all the moving parts. It does take about 15 mins to calibrate, as advertised. Drivers loaded in a snap (download latest versions from Epson). Online manuals are there, what comes with the package is sparse - SOP for most printers. If you're looking for a whisper-quiet device, this is not it - but heck, it's not a laser printer. It's not cheap, but it will be in the long run in terms of convenience, capacity, ink refill costs, and if you care - "greener". I've purchased several of those sub-$100 printers, where the ink/cartridges/etc. cost 1.5x to 2x the original printer. Decided to go the long-term route. So far over two months, quite happy with the purchase.

  • Columbia Industries - Who knew my counters could look so good for so little money (and a bit of effort)?

    After much research and review online, we ordered this product in Java Stone color to refinish existing Formica countertops with wood trim edges. Package arrived as promised, including all materials in good condition. Bottom line: We were skeptical the product could produce the promised results, and we were quite pleasantly surprised at the outcome. A huge improvement over our existing counters, covered and camouflaged many minor flaws, definitely an upgrade worth the cost of the kits.

  • tony Harding - hallmark card studio deluxe 2011

    Hallmark has really taken a turn for the worse. I am unable to install on windows vista sp 2 ,I spent over a hour with customer support I finally had to hang up I could not stand it any more worthless waste of my cell minutes so much for free customer support.when I finally gave up I had to do a system restore to fix everything customer support had my try.I was able to install and open on a windows 7 laptop have not had the time to play with it much I do not write many reviews but customer support was really bad if you need help like i did you probably will not be happy.I have been a 10 year user of this product looking for something else. I can not emphasize enough how inadequate customer support was.oh one more thing the rebate on the box does not work ,perfect

  • Golfert - Not for everyone

    Filled with stereotypes of people and their careers, habits of sick people, etc., that only a Hollywood writer could create, the story line is deeply flawed yet interesting because of the acting. I guess I am flawed for watching, but would only recommend it for a small group of people who know who they are.

  • HSPevolved Archer - Perfect federal, troubled NM state software

    In short their federal return software is very intuitive and accurate. I have no qualms with that. But their New Mexico State return has fundamental problems. It has issues transferring capital gains and other income to state. It has trouble getting state forms done right. It is a mess. I made the mistake of contacting hr block and they put me through 6 that is SIX levels of support over a period of 3 weeks and they still could not resolve the problem. By then deadline for tax returns had approached and I had to do things manually. This year, back to their old competitor, which hopefully has done a better job with the state return.

  • Steve-o - Miracle!

    For over 6 years I've suffered from sciatic pain in my right leg starting from my hip down to my foot. In the last 8 months it has become debilitating to the point of not being able to walk or stand for more than a few minutes. I've treated with chiropractors and physical therapist with no relief. I finally scheduled back surgery for a herniated disk with a prominent surgeon in Philadelphia. Four weeks after surgery I had no improvement and was still in pain and that's when I found The "Natural Sciatic Relief" program. I found there claim that I could be pain free in 7 days hard to believe but with their help I finally identified what was causing my pain ( piraformus syndrome) and started to do the stretches they recommended I was unbelievably 95% pain free in about 5 days and have remained so to this day. They also helped me understand and correct the causes of my pain. I highly recommend this program to any one with sciatic or back pain.