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  • Juanita Fletcher - Great read for "Tudorphiles"

    I'm a "Tudorphile," if you will, so found the story of this little known co-founder of the Tudor dynasty fascinating. The writing was better than average though the author tended to use terminology that was very contemporary so it seemed more like it was written this century. As a sometime free lance writer I understand how difficult it is to write back as it were in the language and patterns of another time or culture but it was noticeable enough to earn a 4 not a 5 star that the character and structure deserved.

  • Mary Martin - I'm on the fence

    I'm on the fence about Rick Steves in general. He's a travel factory, churning out advice for just about any destination you have in mind. I'm not sure that his advice fits what I want to do when I travel. I think he skews his advice towards the "cruise ship crowd" and I am not one of those.

  • mahboi - False battery claims, clearly rip-off battery business model

    I wanted to like this product, I really did. I researched four or five different trackers and concluded that MYNT was the best one so I went ahead and bought them.