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  • edward c liccione - Learn how your body really works!

    I had no idea how our digestive systems really work. The information on current treatment for digestive issues is most helpful in understanding why it isn't working. This is amazing information you need to read whether or not you have stomach and digestive issues.

  • YouShallNotPass - Worth the money

    The reason I purchased this item was to speed up that update the apps on my Samsung TV, it worked. Apps like Netflix, Pandora and Amazon all load and run much quicker now.

  • James Young - Great VR,very comfortable,and works great!

    The headset looks fantastic and it fits my Note 5. Also,it very comfortable to wear. No QR code, but you can easily download the app from google. There are many VR apps available for free and paired with this headset. I'm very impressed with these glasses highly recommend it.

  • MirrorMirrorOntheWallWhoIsTheGeekiestOfThemAll - The cats love this very nice house! You can insulate it yourself in a couple of easy steps.

    I love this house that I bought for multiple cats who live in my backyard. They had taken to this house immediately after I sat it outside. I went to lowes and bought some insulation sheets for around $3.98 I believe and I cut a couple of them in half and layer it on the floor of the house and I used Scotch double sided mounting tape to tape it the sheets up against the lower part of the walls inside of the house and please remember when you cut the sheets it doesn't have to be perfect.....So there we have an insulated kitty house. Afterwards I opened up a couple of small packages of Mylar emergency blankets that you can buy on amazon and I payed on the floor which is on top of the insulation sheets that I placed on the floor of the house so it makes the house extra warm because the Mylar retains heat. After that I opened up a bag of straw/hay and spread it on top of the the Mylar and on the bottom of that is the insulation sheets which makes three layers of warmth. The next step is I had some leftover green outdoor carpeting that I have on my porch so I used what was leftover and put it on top of the other three layers. I then placed a throw blanket on top of that along with a pet warming mat and pillow....So we now have a nice warm and soft kitty house on the inside. I have some Stone pavers that you can get from Lowes for around $1.04 and placed one on each side of the bottom of the house to elevate the house and I had two plain bricks from Lowes as well that cost thirty-seven cents a piece and I stacked two on top of the other in front of the door of the house which makes a little step for the cats to get in the house. The last step in this process is I have cheap blue tarp from the dollar store that I folded in half and I placed it over the house so it draws off the roof and it covers the sides of the house and I then placed one brick on each side of the house to stake it down and you can also place a brick inside of a ziplock bag and place it underneath the layers of Mylar, straw, and carpeting to weight the house down if your concerned about heavy winds causing it to shift. I really like this house and I like looking out my back window and watching the kitties go in and out of it.....They use this doghouse more then they use the other two cat houses that they have. I want to thank the seller for sending it with next day shipping which I wasn't expecting and I truly grateful for it because it got here so quick. When putting it together you may need two people in order to hold one side or take something to hold one side while your trying to put the other side together. This is a nice house for the value and I plan on buying another one when I get the money and the kitties truly appreciate it.

  • WingedDeath - Works great on my sensitive skin

    I have used this product for several years. I have extremely sensitive skin and this works wonders for me. Even other brands that boast no fragrance/sensitivities don't cut it for me. While over the years the price has gone up I keep buying this because I know it works and won't affect my skin adversely. I also suffered from a very bad case of the chicken pox when I was young and it left quite a lot of scars on my face. I truly believe this has helped minimize their appearance.