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  • Elisabeth - Necessary for Harry Potter fans and foodies

    This has become one of my go-to books in meal planning and preparation. It has a large variety of dishes taken straight from the books, such as Aunt Petunias pudding from Chamber of Secrets, Hagrids infamous rock cakes, Cauldron Cakes (which, I discovered while reading, are pancakes!), Buillobasse from Goblet of Fire, and many, many more British delights. I've used the fudge recipes several times, and the recipe is fool-proof (I have very little luck with candy) and is very popular whenever it's served.

  • Jack Smith - Great for Small Businesses

    Excellent handbook on how to deal with employees. My business is growing and I am needing more and more advice on managing employees. Not ready to hire an HR manager, yet. So this book came in handy. I especially liked the coverage of current human resources practices and thing that can get you into trouble (if you do not know what you are doing). Highly recommended if you are starting a small business, or it's growing and needing employees.

  • Krinda R - Better sleep and more energy!

    My husband likes to take testosterone every once in awhile (usually every 6months or so) because he gets low-t after awhile. We both lift weights, and as a male, when you do a lot of lifting, your testosterone can get low. I can always tell when he needs to cycle on these because he gets "grumpy" (easily irritable and snappy) and he also will wake up every morning exhausted and not well rested.

  • Christi - HORRIBLE - That's what I get for believeng the hype.

    Made me remain awake all night and having strange dreams. Worst investment I've ever made in a supplement. A friend uses the powder and loves it. It's too expensive for me to bother trying Thrive in another form.

  • Amazon Customer - It's a great book. Has some of the best stories I've ...

    It's a great book. Has some of the best stories I've read in awhile. Even though I don't prefer reading that much. The book arrived in great timely matter. Get it. It's good.

  • EC-764 - webroot

    I bought this software after looking around for reviews for a good software pkg. This software received multiple good reviews by various respected web site that deal with computers/software/hardware... so far I've been well served, owned for a few months without any issues/infections.

  • Susan Spencer-Smith - Parts unobtainable

    As long as the treadmill is running, it's okay (with visits from a repairman routinely). But the company simply cannot provide repair parts. Our part has been on "back order" for four weeks and counting. Don't buy a treadmill because of the price, or even because of what you think is the performance. Buy it because the company that makes it can service it.