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  • incognito schmuck - Be smarter than the book! Great addition to the collection :D

    A great book for the National Park quarters! It has slots for each quarter released (just one slot per quarter - no P's or D's to worry about, which is fine with me). All of these people saying that it is too flimsy and punctures too easily must be trying to insert or take out quarters while holding the book in their lap; if you put the book down flat on a HARD surface (counter top, textbook, wood floor, the bottom of a frying pan, a stack of newspaper would probably work as well) you will not puncture through the backing. It is that simply - be smarter than the book and you won't have any problems :D Quarters fit very snug in their slots and I really had to press down using the heel of my thumb, but once in they are secure! Overall, a great addition to my coin collection and I'm sure it would be for yours as well!!!

  • ChuckiesSis - anyway I am very disappointed with. Also

    I'll try that with an OPI bottle and it didn't hold it very well. I guess I was expecting it to hold it perfectly in place at the right angle.... hopefully it's just me...ugh. anyway I am very disappointed with. Also, it wouldn't stay on my fingers. ...i do wish you luck if you try it

  • Karen Kincaid - Surprise!

    I understand this product is marketed for face acne....however, some of us, especially those of us who wear blue jeans every single day in the winter, sometimes experience acne, well, on the buttox! So I gave it a try, just had a few bumps, and two days later, GONE! Oh, and it works on the face too! I would definitely recommend this product. When you first apply, you feel the coolness of the tea tree oil, but that quickly dissipates, so no worries! I am definitely keeping a few extras around in the event the product becomes unavailable.

  • Glenn Sardone - Great Unit You could pay much more and not get a better unit than this.

    Took extra effort to install. The unit is a little larger top to bottom than a normal USA Double Din. It is now installed in a Ford F250 in place of the original radio. So far it works flawlessly and actually better than expected. AM/FM stations are crystal clear. Sound is amazing compared to the stock radio. GPS works out of the box with no additional downloads. Bluetooth Hands Free is clear. Ive used many hands free units over the years and from what people I called have said this is the best.

  • Megan N. - I can't believe it!!!!!

    An eyeshadow primer that actually works!!!!! The best on the market bY FAR! I have tried them all and I still have creases and very little color left at the end of the day, until now! This stuff is fabulous and I will never try another. You will NOT regret this purchase!

  • John R. Layson - Bet that you can't stop after one chapter

    This is true Virgil flowers . Impossible to put down the book just have to keep reading . A truly insane storyline with a nearly impossible finish . Virgil flowers for sure . Please hurry with the next book love this series