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  • dperry - This product is amazing..

    This product is amazing...about a year ago I got an email about a free 30 day supply...I was amazed..as were my wife and kids... I decided its not something i'll use every day as i'm almost 40 and fiancé and the kids and any one i'm around knows i'm very thin in the back.. but i'm getting married in a month and I would like the wedding pics to not include my balding...and so for $40 I got a FULL bottle..90 days.. for $39 dollars.. and again it works so good.. its truly amazing..

  • Hairy Bear - dependable backup

    Powerful backup tool I have used several versions of this tool. Twice I have used to recover from drive failures. When the boot sector on my hard drive failed I was able to use the Acronis boot disk to use my machine until I had time to replace the drive. Easy to setup and forget until you need it.

  • Amy R. - Love Zoobooks!

    My children are now 21 and 18 years of age and about a month ago my son randomly asked, "Do they still make Zoobooks?" I replied honestly that I didn't know. It has been many years since we had a subscription. But that question invoked a discussion between my now grown up children about how much they used to LOVE Zoobook magazines and it stirred up some fond memories of sitting down and going through each and every issue page by page with them. I was surprised that both of them could still recite several animal facts that they had learned from the magazine! Who knew they were paying so much attention!!? I love this magazine. We sampled a few children's magazines when mine were young and this was by far the most loved. I think we subscribed to it for about three years.

  • AJ in DC - So far so good

    My shower was a mold and mildew fiesta. I got this spray based on reviews. So far I have sprayed it evenly all over every surface, scrubbed all the tiles, grout and every nook s nd cranny. Directions say let it dry and it should help prevent future growth.

  • Nancy C. Turner - Mostly Water

    I don't know what to say about this product. I picked this product because it was so highly rated. I hope I just got a bad tube. It is so watery that it must be stored upright or it will leak out. Forget about squeezing the tube, just turn it upside down and the liquid pours out. I saw a tiny bit of white lotion once, all other times it has been clear. I've tried vigorously shaking it in hopes that the contents have separated but this does not help. I will order foundation primer again, but it definitely won't be this one.