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  • IamwhatIam - Works, Did lots of Research and this was the BEST!

    Great product - I did a lot of research in trying to find the best outlet tester as I was having problems with phantom voltage in my house. I looked all around, settled with this product and have been impressed by its functioning. Highly recommend!

  • Alexa wickey - I can finally sleep!

    Unaided, I get between 2-4 hours of sleep a night. I used to use Ambien before my kids were born....But since I was sleep walking and sleep-paying bills, I had to stop taking it. Plus, I would NOT wake up when I was on that stuff, so it is no good if you have young kids. But I still have to sleep! I tried taking natural sleep aids and stuff like that. But they gave me weird dreams or made me feel more restless. Enter ZzzQuil. FINALLY, something that works! I can finally sleep. And the good thing about this is that I can still wake up if my kids need me. The difference is that when the kids are back to sleep, I can go back to sleep as well. I can also wake up in the morning without feeling sluggish all day. That was super important because I am a stay at home mom, and being tired just does NOT work when you have toddlers.So I am very happy that I decided to try this. It is a little expensive, and it has the same active ingredients as Benadryl. But for some reason, this seems to work better for me. Idk if it is the other stuff they add, or what. It might just be the higher dosage. I don't know. But I am just glad that it works!