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  • 808 Customer - Liam & Elle

    Another great story from this pair of authors! A heart filled story with a little bit of suspense and fire from the mob thrown in. Liam fell in love with Elle even before he met her and finally won her heart to get their HEA. I received an ARC for a voluntarily honest review.

  • Charity C. - From Day 1 (brand new) they were not what I would call a great tire. Snow traction

    These tires came stock on my 2012 Jeep Patriot. From Day 1 (brand new) they were not what I would call a great tire. Snow traction, even in 4-wheel drive was terrible. They also had a tendency to hydroplane on the interstate at high travel speeds. Worst is, they only last 3.5 years (30,000 miles) before needing to be replaced. Would not recommend.

  • R. Knott - Just like Rock and Roll - inherently flawed masterpiece

    As a depressed, immature, drug-addicted teenager, nothing spoke to me quite like the manipulative lyrics of "The Wall." As a happy, relatively mature, sober adult, they readily reveal themselves to be less profound than originally thought. That being said, I have spent more money on this album and the film companion than any other single work of music (and this includes a recording of Berlioz's "Damnation of Faust" on which I appear). I have owned it on vinyl, cassette, CD (twice - after one copy was stolen from my car), and the film on VHS and DVD. Why do I keep going back? Two reasons: no matter how confused I think some of the lyrics are now, there is no denying the soul poured into them; and this album is undeniably an essential work in defining the (albeit flawed - much like this album) history of rock and roll in all its self-indulgent glory. Students will be listening to this album 200 years from now (if we still exist on the planet), and despite our short-sighted present day society, that says something.