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  • S. Boddie - Great product for engine stabilization.

    My boss, a master mechanic, turned me on to this product - greatly reduced the knocking in my engine of my 2005 Hyundai. He says a quart of this in place of a quart of oil with a high mileage oil change will keep my car running well and my engine happy Amazon is cheaper than local auto parts stores also.

  • turkshd - I've ordered this before

    Its one of those things.....would the poison ivy have been worse if I didn't use this product. Probably, but I really feel that it clears up poison ivy faster. And there is that satisfying step where you are supposed to scratch the dickens out of the spot to be treated before you use the product.

  • Agostino Castagnola - The worst!!

    You'd be hard pressed to find a more unreliable program than is. If you are working on a project of even minimal complexity, forget it. Believe me, I know. I have used this software for the past SIX versions, and there has been absolutely no improvement of capability. "Program has stopped working" will become a frequent error message.

  • Kenneth DeRemer - New Hidden Fee's for Payroll

    So we updated our quickbooks to 2014, we purchased the software that came with a free one year subscription for enhanced payroll. To install it, we had to go about canceling our recurring payroll subscription fee (which was just charged today and we were told would be refunded in 3-7 days). After a horrible ordeal with phone support of setting up the payroll and installing this enhanced payroll, we were then informed of new fees. Apparently we will now be charged $2 per employee per month. We were never charged monthly fees before. I asked them why, and they said that is the way the new way payroll works. Apparently the "standard" service which we were using is discontinued, and you can only renew, not move back. They elected not to tell me about the fees before switching. We wanted to switch back but were informed we cannot do that, because the service has been discontinued. So we are now stuck paying useless fees that we did not have to pay before. After this year's subscription I will be finding new software altogether, it is now cheaper to pay a company to do our payroll completely rather than doing it ourselves with quickbooks. Customer support is horrible, they cannot understand nor speak english, and you sit on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes before talking to someone in a far off land. They cut costs by moving support to another country, but then turn around and add more fees. RIDICULOUS!