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  • Sewing Mama - Better than I expected

    When I was debating on purchasing this mop I figured that I was probably taking a gamble because the concept sounded too good to be true. I am so very glad I decided to go with it. I have had bad experiences with shark products and cheaper steam mops. This mop/sweeper does just what it claims to do. I have two small children and two large dogs so I needed something that saves a little time and produces great results. Spills in the kitchen come up quickly, doggy footprints are no challenge and the swivel head is wonderful. As long as you are not trying to clean areas that haven't seen a broom in weeks, this appliance will work well for you. It had no problem picking up loose dog hair, small debris and dirt. Honestly, my floors have never been cleaner. There is a bit on noise from the vacuum but not on the scale of a normal vacuum and I had no problem maneuvering it around furniture or in corners. I used this mop on tile and laminate.

  • Spike - Definitely one of the better ones

    This is a great product. My trainer recommends it and it's great because it does replace so many added products.

  • Amazon Customer - I was preparing to purchase PS today. Was surprised ...

    I was preparing to purchase PS today. Was surprised to learn it is now going to a subscription plan and the cloud. With the of security and reliability of the internet at such a low point, I will never become involved in such a scheme. Count me out!

  • Roxanne Robins - I love it! Virtually no smell

    I love it! Virtually no smell, no worries with streaking and an overall beautiful glow to my skin. I actually did give up my membership to my local tanning salon. I haven't tried it on my face and probably will not but so far, this is the best self tanning product I have ever used.

  • M. McCafferty - horrible interface!!!

    OMG! MS Office / Outlook now have a washed out interface that is hard to discern what is what. Even adjusting the colors form light gray on white to light gray on dark gray is still horrible. This is the most disgusting user interface ever! It is quite step backwards. The old interface or even the web access is much better than this garbage. Windows 8, and now this? MS is going to go out of business at this rate!

  • Edmond D. Quesada - Great little player

    I like this player. Its simple to use, compact and seems pretty sturdy. It does take a little time to learn. Use the pause/play button to power up.