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  • Bryan - Ordered to replace WF3CB. Fits perfectly. Right now ...

    Ordered to replace WF3CB. Fits perfectly. Right now, for the price, I'd buy them again. Very well packaged.

  • a.s. - Lego fun for Advent

    My children enjoyed this advent calendar, as they are big fans of Lego. It was fun, though, I would have preferred more of a holiday theme. However, the price point for this product was not worth what we received. I love Lego, but due to the over pricing of this product, I think I will find an alternative next year!

  • Ricardo Guerra - cycling shoes

    light, fit is excellent. Second pair of Shimano Road Cycling Shoes. Will definitely buy another pair when these wear out.

  • D.G. Smeall - Wii Jillian Michaels Fitness Review

    Honestly, I played this program the first time in a "true" beginner's mode and found myself having serious trouble keeping up with it. This is the program I would use after getting used to

  • Amazon Customer - Basic writing with no imagination

    After a few chapters, I just had to quit. I would expect this kind of writing from a ten year old. The read does not flow and the writing is basic. The cursing feels like it is thrown in like a small child trying to prove they are older by saying words without his parents knowledge. Almost every sentence follows the basic sentence structure of proper noun/verb... Ie. Lian walked. Lian ran. Lian smiled. This makes all the paragraphs feel like there is no flow and that each separate sentence could stand alone without the context of the whole. There is also a lack of details in setting the scenes and no real transitions from one story to another. Basic writing, simplistic story line, lack of imagination, and lack of attention to details makes this book a complete waste of time. I will not attempt to read another book by this author.

  • J.T. - These Work really good

    I decided to do an experiment and take these instead of my normal routine of taking melatonin , chamomile tea , or Benadryl to fall asleep .

  • FawnG - Caused Diarrhea

    This product caused severe diarrhea and, personally, cannot be good for you. I tried it for 3 months and the only weight I loss was the food I ate. I don't like the approach here. There are more healthy, nutritional ways to lose weight.