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  • Claire - it is good looking and strong

    it is good looking and strong, but as everyone else said, (1) the maneuverability is a disaster: my mom, my husband and myself all got wrist pain thanks to it! and I don't like the fact that (2) it does not allow baby to sit straight: once they get older babies don't like to lay back all the time and it is great struggle for them to try to sit straight without the proper back support, besides the straps pull them back whenever they try unless you make the straps really loose which then becomes insecure, therefore purchasing the tray may not be a good idea as babies can't really reach it and may become very frustrated. (3) I dont like the net part when it is in full recline position. it is good ventilation but not ideal for sleeping babies. I know you probably can cover it up with the extra bag thing, but why they design this way to give us extra work and the silly baggy looking. (4) it is NOT easy to change seat recline position: it is so hard that I basically give up. (5) the storage basket is NOTE easy to access and NOT large. (6) the rubber on the wheels are not durable: after just being out for a few times, they look badly worn.

  • Fangor - Great for lazy people who forget to stick their cans in the fridge.

    My wife drinks an occasional soda here and there and as such we don't stick sodas in the fridge to take up space. She also has a tendency to forget to stick it in there overnight. The Cooper Cooler does a great job of turning a lukewarm soda to chilly in a matter of minutes. She likes to put it on the bottle setting instead of the can setting so that it comes out extra cold. It is quite loud, but that is to be expected... and quite tolerable for us since we only occasionally use it. The Cooper Cooler is great not only for cans, but plastic bottles and wine bottles too. We would definitely get another if this were to ever break down on us and recommend this to everyone.

  • KariH - I really like the way past lessons keep popping up in future ...

    I am almost through with level 1 and can communicate well enough to feel a lot more confident when traveling to a spanish speaking country. I took spanish for two years in jr. high and feel that I learned more from the introductory tapes than I did in those two years (particularly how to order a beer, lol, I guess they don't include that at the jr. high level). I am having no trouble retaining what I learn from lesson to lesson. I really like the way past lessons keep popping up in future conversations. In the past I was very good with pronunciation and simple vocabulary, but could not follow a conversation. With Pimsleur I can actually participate in conversation. I can't wait to continue and become bilingual at last! All you need is the dedication to devote 30 minutes a day.

  • trsneezy - Nice product, but would'nt playback.

    I returned this product because although it arrived in excellent condition and was very easy to hook up to the TV, none of the videos would play for me. If it'll playback for you, it appears that you can literally watch 1000's of TV shows and movies. I don't know why it wouldn't work for me but I tried everything and none of the movies or TV shows that I selected would play, I'd select a video and it would try to run but would go back to the select screen every time so after a few hours of trying to get it to play, I gave up and sent it back. BUT, had it worked I would've loved it because the selection of shows and movies is amazing so I'm disappointed that I couldn't get it to work. I'm not computer savvy and I do think you have to be somewhat computer literate to get the most from this product.