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  • DjMojo - A little elbow grease and....

    So I had my entire living room flood last summer. My carpet was dingy and had a series of dark spots, not to mention I have a dog that is being house broken. Seriously, all you have to do is apply it to the carpet, wait until the foam turns into almost clear or vanishes and then take a towel or brush and scrub your carpet a bit. That is all you have to do and it removed stains that are nearly a year old. Love this product and will always come back to it!

  • London Hilton - Doomsday 2012

    This show is amazing. I found it both thought provoking and extremely entertaining. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the end of the world as we know it.

  • P. Nguyen - 99 Problems and # 2 is 1.

    I am pretty neurtral about this product. We have been using it for 2 weeks now as my little one has started eating solids. **TMI ALERT** She gets constipated as her little tummy is not quite developed, so she really strains while making a bowel movement. We started her on this as it's a natural product and Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water was GREAT, so we figured why not try. It didn't really improve much, if at all. Maybe I have to use it for a few more weeks and see, but so far baby girl is still grunting while doing the deed.

  • A. C. Morris, Jr. - Used Sony ICF-2010 Receiver

    ICF-2010 World Band Receiver was in excellent condition despite its age, It is very sensitive and works well in

  • L Black - Social Security Demystified

    I use this book in our Retirement Planning Seminars. This is a fantastic resource on all things related to the Social Security System and how you can benefit from it. Andy Landis is both knowledgable and concise. A must own.

  • bookit - zero results

    I started the 3 month detox and thought I was doing it wrong.. it comes with out any instructions.. I had ZERO results. I thought at least the "cleasning portion" would provide a cleansing. The person on NCL who sold it to me said I would have a deep cleasning of toxins and not to be surprised at how much I "detoxed" and also how much weight I would lose and how great I would feel. I have looked up every single ingredients on the internet and while they are all strong herbal ingredients used, the amount they use must be too low to make any difference. The more I found blogs and other sites like this .. the more I wish I would never have tried them...... Metamucil works better for a cleanse (same key ingredient) and the amount of nutrients they list are also found in a good multi vitamin. 3 months-- 300 dollars.. nothing !