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  • S. Atwell - Should have believed the other reviewers

    This must be a problem with the seller but this is NOT the same quality of Biosilk that you would buy off the store shelves. Someone is diluting it & it is much more watery and has a thinner consistency. The smell is right but the results are NOT the same. Definitely NOT worth the savings. Better to buy from a real store & know you're getting the real deal. :(


    Now I've seen some slimey companies try to sell some cheap low-grade fish oil before but this product is just a straight old scam... plain and simple. If you go to the website of this product,, they make it look all official and even include testimonials and a video from a doctor, BUT nowhere on the entire website does it show exactly how much omega 3 DHA & EPA are in the product. Omega 3 DHA & EPA are the two fatty acids in fish oil that has made fish oil such a big deal and has numerous benefits to your health. There are also other Omega fatty acids such as omega 6 & 9 but we get enough of those in our "western diet." Infact too much omega 6 has been linked to serious health problems because it CAUSES inflammation instead of preventing it like omega EPA does. That is why so many people on a "western diet" have serious inflammation related diseases in later years because most of our foods are just soaking in omega 6.

  • david l rist - Essential information

    Since the IRS no longer distributes Pub 17 this type of guide has become essential for people with complex tax returns, It is very well done, and should be, because of all the years of experience they have.