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City: -73.5573 Quebec, Canada

  • D. Anctil - Good not great

    Did it work, yeah I guess. Could've worked better? Absolutely! Personally I've had much more luck with the pHisoDerm products. Friend of mine swore up-and-down how good the Murad products are, and that's just it, they may work great for him but not for me

  • Ashley - Don't waste your money.

    I bought this to clean out THC toxins. I am 5'9 and a little less than 180lbs. The last time I smoked was a few days ago and only smoked for about twice a day for 2-3 weeks. So I'm not a huge user and haven't done it before then. I used the MegaClean (which is suppose to be for people that use frequently) exactly as directed. I gave myself 3 hours and 3 urinations before taking a at home test which came up positive. Thankfully I did not get drug tested from my possible job today and still have time to find something better. Do not waist your money!!! I paid $70 for this crap and have an awful stomach ache.

  • Zen*Yogi*Girl - Excellent workout with numerous options to keep you fit and entertained

    Yesterday I tried this game and completed a good 45 minute work out on medium level; and today I certainly feel it!!!

  • Orange Circle - Great hole saw for recessed lighting

    The EZ Hole worked great for cutting recessed lighting into a lath and plaster ceiling. There was limited amount of dust that escaped from the housing, and made clean up very simple. The holes were nice and round, with just a little bit of chipping. The cut out of plaster also comes off easily as this tool has a single blade that rotates. There are a few things to take into consideration when using this product.

  • ZHE PENG - It works on my car.

    Seriously, I am lucky in success group of 60%. My car only has a litter symptom of blown gasket with warning of fixed misfire. And the spark plug showed a brown color compared with normal cylinder companying with unleakage of disapperance of coolant. All symptoms gone after I use it under stritly process. I have driven for another 400 miles. No misfire comes again. No coolant disappear.And it seems a litter promotion of MPG.

  • J. Kanikula - Great Concept, Didn't help my Dog

    The idea of this product is great, but it did not work for our Dog. We have a 7 year old black lab that gets anxiety when in the car. She shakes, and pants, and wedges herself as close to the back of our seats as possible. We thought this product would be great if it worked. But it did not. She still shakes, and pants and wedges herself close to our seats. Basically no change from before. I am sure that this product works for some people, but it does not work for us, and I cannot recommend it.

  • KB1JKI - Excellent.

    It works very effectively. Better than carrying a coffee press backpacking and certainly better than packing in and then out coffee filters. Also, better than instant coffee! The coffee was good, rich, and grind free. It's excellent.