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  • locally grown - Good light workout for advanced excercisers, Great workout for beginners

    I bought this machine for my husband, who hates cardio. He's probably done it once a week since I bought it 4 weeks ago. That's more cardio than he's done in 2 years, so I consider it a success. I'm in fairly good shape, so I have a hard time getting my heart rate up on this machine. It's equivalent to a brisk walk. I like it, though - sometimes after a rough day at work all I can do is a light workout (and I certainly can't walk in the wintertime in Ohio). The biggest bonus is that you can watch tv while you do it.

  • Richard A - Live in a dry climate?

    This pink magic potion feels SOOO good when applied to my dry face....I live in a dry climate and this makes my face and neck feel very moist.

  • Illy - I love the new temporal thermometer technology

    I love the new temporal thermometer technology. I’m an ER nurse and we are using them more and more in the hospital. They so wonderful and not invasive at all and they can be used on all ages. Research is showing that they are accurate compared to other methods. It doesn’t get any better than that. This is my second temporal thermometer, this one is solely to keep in my the kids bathroom. My other one is the Exergen temporal that I got at Costco. I will briefly talk about temporal thermometers in general, then this particular one compared to Exergen.

  • Amazon Customer - Good Caps for your money.

    This really got my car going. I can tell that it made my car save more gas and it accelerates more faster. I read the other reviews this is a capacitor not a battery maintainer or a battery charger. If you don't charger your battery it will drop around 80 to 85%. This is normal, you buy a new battery from a shelf it will be at that amperage rating. Voltage will be normal at 12 volts or more. Other than that my car is running smoother in keeping up with the alternator voltage regulator. notice it only drops .5 volts and goes up .5 volts. in other words it is stabilizing my voltage. A smooth voltage is what I want. I like to get more into my system and keep it at perfect voltage no drops what so ever. I will have to get more farats to make it happen.

  • D. Phelps - Granddaughter Loves It!!

    We purchased the Leap Pad for our three and a half year old granddaughter prior to going on a 2 week vacation with her where we would be driving a good portion of the time. When the ride was not interesting to her or when she had exhausted all other forms of entertainment she would get out her Leap Pad and and go through the various apps we had loaded prior to leaving. The mixture of educational and play time apps kept her attention for hours and it did not keep her so deeply in tranced that she could not still keep an eye on what was going by if it was interesting. Quite possibly the best combination educational tool / toy we have purchased for her. I don't think the trip would have been as enjoyable for her had we not had the Leap Pad. I highly recommend this product.

  • David - Almost perfect

    By far the easiest screen protector I have ever installed and I wish that I would have taken a video of the installation. After following the instructions exactly I was amazed. As soon as you place the screen protector on the Shield it actually adheres itself without any intervention with just a couple caveats. The spot under the suction cup will need to be pressed out since the suction cup keeps that spot of the protector off of the surface while installing it. No big deal! The only annoyance is that the spot where the pull-off tab is located on the protector absolutely refuses to adhere to the screen but it is way outside of the viewing area of the screen and shouldn't be an issue unless it keeps pealing back in the future.


    Waste of money. Don't even think of getting it. I have moderate acne and after seeing thousands of infomercials about it I finally decided to get it. WORST DECISION EVER. It does NOT WORK. sure your skin will feel smooth after couple of uses but after a week or so it will be REALLY REALLY DRY.