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  • layesica - I also have some great genes that are keeping me youthful

    I was buying this from someone at work at full price, but these appear to be legit plus are half the price of buying from your local Mary Kay lady. I do see a difference in my skin. I also have some great genes that are keeping me youthful, so mileage may vary. I use these with the TimeWise Moisturizer, but use an all-natural face wash (not part of the MK line).

  • have you been following the hgh situation? - have you been following the hgh situation?

    HGH precursors and all similar products have been proven useless, but Klatz has made his money, so no problem. Very short exercise sessions of high intensity will help your body create the proper 'mix' of hormones..... Go to your health club and find a weight on the leg press machine that you can do slow reps on for one minute. At the end of the one set, you should find it impossible to move the weight,(and feel horrible :-). Do a similar set of of seated chest press and seated row. YOU'RE DONE! You can do more if you want, according to what results you're going for, but a full effort on these three sets will get your hormones going. Actually, the leg press -alone- will get everything going quite well. Say no to drugs.

  • M. Tapia - Beautiful....

    This Barbie is Beautiful. She made my daughter thrilled when she opened this doll up for her 6th Birthday. I highly recommend this doll as a gift to your little Barbie lover!

  • Paul - Switch Panel

    Only problem I have is the "start" knob should be spring loaded, i.e. select left, right and both the turn to start and release once started. Otherwise has made flying and selection "electrical" items easier than the screen and mouse.

  • p.williams - Great Product!

    Works great alone but especially with the Candi-Gone system. I have persistent yeast issues, but this combination works better than anything else I've tried, even ThreeLac.

  • Stefan M - Great OE replacement gear oil

    Great differential OE replacement oil. It does the job and it was a much need repair. Not as easy as changing oil definitely the back differential but it will save you money if you do this yourself.