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  • Nelson C. Garcia - Not even an acknowledgement of my request and this useless program is still sitting there in my "software library"

    This was meant to be a gift for my sister-in-law, who is starting graduate school. I wanted her to have an installable file (not some gift card with an installation key - something she tried before and did not like).

  • JulieK - I'm on the fence

    I purchased my first can from a local vitamin shop, but found it at Amazon cheaper, so bought two more cans since 1can lasts only about a week if you are replacing two meals a day. I ran out of my first can before I got my Amazon order (my fault), and ate normally for two days before I could start up the program again. The 2 lbs I lost from using this for the first week immediately came right back. That is why I'm on the fence with the product. I'm afraid that once I get off the program I will gain it all back immediately. That said, I am losing weight while replacing two meals with shakes. I think I would be losing more if I was eating better dinners than I have been. I'm not eating super fattening foods for dinner, but I'm not eating salads and fish/poultry dinners either as recommended. I stay full after drinking a shake for about 4 hours. If I exercise I am hungrier in the evening, so I have to be careful about not over eating or snacking before dinner. I have to also say that in the last couple of years I have had an extremely hard time losing weight unless I do extreme diets, so to actually be losing weight with this I will say it works. I have 1 more week to go until my supply is gone. If I continue to lose weight, I will be ordering more. I know every person loses weight differently, and I have to admit I was hoping to lose 10 lbs within 2 weeks like other reviewers, but it hasn't happened. I would recommend this, but just be realistic on your weight loss goals and follow the program better than I did. I also will recommend that you use vanilla almond milk or chocolate soy milk to mix with the powder. The first day I used 2% milk and the taste was not so pleasant, very chalky. Mixing with water and adding cinnamon was not good either. It was drinkable if you gulped it down and didn't think too hard about the consistency. Once I changed to light soy milk or almond milk I actually enjoyed the drink over ice. As far as one reviewer stating she got constipated being on this, I did notice a slowing of movements but I just drank some Metamucil and that cleared up. I did not lose energy on this which was a concern of mine because the diets I've been on before left me lightheaded and fatigued. I will try to add more review in another week to let you know what happens.

  • shopaholic19796 - Great lightening

    So derive been using this for 5 days. I am always really worried about my underarms during the summer. I'm always scared that if I lift my arms that people would see the darkness from shaving so much. I also have the same problem with my elbows

  • mommy lynnie - HORRIBLE

    I have been using a Printmaster version from 2003 and I have always loved it. My new computer did not have it and I had no access to the the discs, so I finally decided to purchase the new and "updated" version online. What a joke! Antiquated, written much in computer code and not consumer friendly. If it does as much as the old version, I cannot figure out how. Impossible to do even the simplest of tasks I did in old. This program is horribly outdated and looks as if it was created by a sole computer geek rather than a respected company. I wish I had read reviews first! I am going to try to get my money back. So disappointing--- Printmaster used to be so good!