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  • Vannessa Borrero - Hate It

    I ordered this book and ended up getting pages from the book, with hold punches on the side for a binder. Not what I was looking for.

  • Amazon Customer - Not for person with asthma, royal jelly!!

    I bought the greens, not for weight loss, just for the awesome benefits I was told about. More energy, would possibly help with my immune system and get rid of my constant sinusitis.. blah blah blah! I used it January 30th for the first time, 2 scoops in water. Later that day, I had anxiety SO BAD.. heart racing, couldn't breathe very well, was not feeling normal. I decided to try again in the 31st, but 1 scoop this time. Same thing, but over heating this time and I gained 3 pounds (just in 2 days). I read online about allergic reactions to this stuff. Finally came up with, royal jelly may cause allergic reaction for person with asthma. WHAT?! Why is this not on the label?? I have asthma, and worse case scenario is death. So if I had a HORRIBLE allergy to the royal jelly, I probably wouldn't be here right now. To top it off, I now have to pay $50 to cancel my 3 month loyal customer membership! I will NEVER buy another dietary product again. Lesson learned!