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CSGOSTRONG - Roulette, free skins, giveaways! - I would like to point out that when i check epp off, and place these commands in the registry all smoothmousexcurve, smoothmouseycurve all values to 0 the mouse seems to feel more direct. As far as I know these values should be active when epp is turned on but when epp is off, smoothmouse commands tend to activate their own curve, but not in their accelerated way if you know what i mean. I use the mouses onboard memory instead of its driver so that i dont get any interpolation as many people claim that mouse drivers do, and usb port overclocked to 1000hz ; Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • lunarchi - Love Sleepytime!

    I'm a repeat customer and have been using Sleepytime tea for years. It's a gentle, bedtime tea that relaxes at the end of the day. I drink it while reading before falling asleep at night. I even have a Sleepytime cup that I purchased years ago, with the same picture that's on the box. Very nice evening ritual!

  • Michael Stowell - Great taste with nice consistency

    Super flavor...nicely spiced; chunky veggies in a good sauce. Container is quite large so takes space in your refrigerator.

  • kate - Rear facing 4yo and 18m, drift fabric is great so far

    I have 2 of these and really love them. My daughter is 4 and was forward facing but when my car was recently totalled and I had my old car seats in it at the time, I took the opportunity to go with better and safer seats. People act like it's crazy not to have her in a booster and how can she like it.... But she loves it and it's safer. She loves putting her feet on the bar and loves that she is sitting right beside and in the same direction as her younger brother (18m). I'm driving a Camry for now and have the 18m old rear facing behind the drivers seat- I have to help him buckle- and the 4 yo rear facing in the middle- she can buckle and unbuckle herself. I am 5'3" and don't have issues driving and my husband is 5' 10" and it is a little squeeze but he can drive- maybe not a road trip though. The only issue I have is that her height makes the car seat super tall and so it sticks up into my rear view mirror a little. I can definitely fit an infant seat or third car seat in there if needed. Also, a small adult could ride back there. I have the drift material which I bought by accident (not realizing the cheaper price meant different fabric) so far, we've had messes with my 18m old with dry cereal, raisins, nuts, and chocolate and the fabric just wipes off and I used a wet cloth for the chocolate issue. I'm thinking about getting a 3rd seat for my expected 3rd child- but can't decide if I should stick with the click-out of the base types (my kids always woke up anyway and never slept in them except in the car while moving). So having 3 of these would be great (if anyone is ever excited about owning 3 car seats?!) I'll end up with 3 in the end - whether I use it for my infant or not.

  • Mr. Robert J. Miller - I recommend this product!

    I had a hairy back... Then I purchased this simple invention and I now have a smooth back! I would recommend this product.