Cunningham's Pharmacy | Cunninghams Pharmacy | Althone | Monksland - Cunningham's Pharmacy is a modern progressive pharmacy consisting of two stores ,one opposite Athlone I.T. on the Dublin Rd. and the other beside Super Valu and the Athlone Springs Hotel in Monksland. First established by brothers and pharmacists Paul and Enda Cunningham in 2002, it has gone from strength to strength culminating in the opening of a second store in Monksland in 2007, serving Athlone's west side.

  • Cunningham's Pharmacy | Althlone IT | Monksland | Pharmacist - Cunningham's Pharmacy operates from opposite the Athlone I.T. on the Westmeath side of Athlone and beside Super Valu in Monksland on the Roscommon side.
  • Cunningham's Pharmacy | Blister Pack Medications | Medication Monitoring System - The Cunningham's Pharmacy Blister Pack is a Medication Monitoring System that organizes your prescriptions to ensure that you take the correct medications at the correct time of the day.Contact us today to see how we can help you manage your medicines.
  • Cunningham's Pharmacy | General Medical Services | Medical Card Scheme | Drugs Payment Scheme - The Health Service Executive manages the ‘General Medical Services’ (GMS) scheme which helps to pay for your prescription medicines. There are several ways in which the Government in Ireland provides affordable medicines and makes them available
  • Cunningham's Pharmacy | Prescription Delivery - If you are housebound or just can't get to us Cunningham's Pharmacy will deliver to your door. You will need to have your prescription on file with us to avail of this service.
  • Cunningham's Pharmacy | Emergency Contraceptive | Morning After Pill | Norlevo - Our trained pharmacist can ascertain if the morning after pill is suitable for you. If it is deemed to be appropriate you will be given it along with a booklet on Norlevo (The Morning After Pill) and contraception advice.
  • Cunningham's Pharmacy | Flu Vaccination | Seasonal Flu | Pregnancy Flu Vaccine - Make an appointment with our Pharmacist to have your vaccination against seasonal flu.
  • Cunningham's Pharmacy | Indulgence Jewellery | Necklaces | Bracelets | Earrings | Rings - We are pleased to be the exclusive agents for Indulgence Jewellery in Athlone, a stunning range of quality yet affordable costume jewellery and each piece comes in it's own beautiful gift box for that extra special touch.

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  • Dsmflower - Good to jump start your diet or to change eating habits

    Easy to use, but didn't see the weight loss they claim. The protein powder is ok and convenient in the envelopes. Mixes easy.

  • puterboy - Please STOP SPAM responses from manufacturer

    The manufacturer ("kathyrn") is cluttering up the whole review section by responding to the endless series of (deservedly) negative feedback with the completely generic, repeated, and unhelpful response "Thank you for your feedback-we are always working to improve our product-I will be sure to pass this to our development team... blah... blah...blah"

  • Audrey - excellent advice

    This book was without a doubt written by someone who knows the ins and outs of credit scores. There is a clear and understandable explanation of the factors most likely to affect your score, how seemingly minor actions can have a major effect, what can be done to improve the score, and how long it will likely take. There is also a section with information on what to do if your identity is stolen. Even if you have great credit, this book will still be useful in avoiding score slippage. I learned a lot and highly recommend this book.

  • Ross W. Virock - Invaluable reference for solitary pre-millennials

    Prior to purchasing this volume I was forced to use the antiquated system of a stove/oven combination and it was not only time consuming but dangerous and required I prepare much more food than I could eat. It took thirty minutes to cook pizza hit enough to burn several layers of skin off of the roof of my mouth when I could do it in under five with a microwave! All this time saved and no hassle of warming my entire kitchen with an oven as well as oven racks and metal pans that could burn my hands before I can get anything on the plate, much less my mouth. I can prepare a single serving of almost anything in seconds. The only issue I had with this book was finding a microwave like the one Sonia uses. Many said I was crazy trolling the junkyards but I believe to be true to the recipes, one must use similar tools. Modern microwaves do not give the same radiation that a classic machine can and will definitely effect flavor. All of my friends, except the one with a pacemaker, enjoyed my dinner parties, with other lonely singles, thoroughly. Plenty of leftovers, heated right on a plate, for everyone! Unfortunately, every piece of Tupperware I own now resembles an interpretation of Tupperware rather than an actual container, my dwindling collection of survivors are displayed with pride (being every plant in my home as well as some in my yard have mysteriously died) as my guests file in from their cancer treatments for a good, chewy, hot-as-lava meal. A MUST have for any person for the shelf in their <300 square foot studio apartment and probably the only cookbook you will need!

  • Debbra - Thrive for women

    I took this for 3 weeks direct from a Promoter. At first I felt more energy and thought I was sleeping better but that stopped, I felt no different. I actually gained weight and I have never had a weight problem in my life. I also reacted to the patches or the capsules, my back and face itched all the time and for 2 days I was full of anxiety and just sad. I stopped immediately and feel so much better. I am not a fan of this product I am a firm believer eat good, sleep good, drink lots of water and exercise you will get the results you want. Being healthy takes work!

  • D. Hinds - Made hanging a 3 pice picture much easier

    We had 3 pc scenery picture set that never really looked quite right - a picture would hang a little tilted or lopsided, the spacing would not be quite uniform, etc.

  • Felicia Parsons - the lotion does provide a GREAT DARK tan

    After reading all the other reviews I was concerned with the "coffee" smell of this lotion.. and it definitely does have a coffee scent..but not overpowering or lingering.. the lotion does provide a GREAT DARK tan! However the downside is it REALLY dried out my skin. I was so dry and for weeks. not just a day or two. so I had to discontinue use of this product. :-(