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Dakhla Attitude Hotel | Kitesurf at Dakhla Lagoon - The biggest kitesurfing center in Dakhla. Dakhla Attitude is the right choice for your holidays in Dakhla.

  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/dakhla-attitude-hotel/ DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL Located at “Point of Dragon”, Dakhla Attitude Hotel is sheltered from the wind by sand dunes on which it leans. We have 2 areas
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/spa/ SPA | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL SPA Dakhla Attitude Hotel's SPA, managed by Massage du Monde, is an oasis of wellness and health where you will find everything
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/bar-restaurant/ BAR-RESTAURANT | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - KITESURF LESSONS The Beach Bar is located 10 meters from our main spot and its the place where things happen. Relax enjoying a
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/surf-shop/ SURF SHOP | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - THE SURFER DREAM SHOP The Dakhla Attitude Hotel Surf Shop is open all year long. It is located next to the restaurant and it is open every day from 9 am
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/dakhla-rihfly-water-sport-center/ DAKHLA RIHFLY WATER SPORT CENTER | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - RIHFLY DAKHLA Water Sports Center is placed at the Dragon Beach at what is called the Point of the Dragon in Dakhla's lagoon. Our main spot is a small lagoon
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/kitesurfing-rihfly-dakhla-sport-center/ KITESURF | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - KITESURFING IN DAKHLA AT RIHFLY WATER SPORTS CENTER RIHFLY DAKHLA Water Sports Center is open all year long offering Kitesurfing Lessons for beginners,
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/windsurfing-rihfly-dakhla-sport-center/ WINDSURF | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - WINDSURFING IN DAKHLA AT RIHFLY WATER SPORTS CENTER RIHFLY DAKHLA Water Sports Center offers a complete and unique WINDSURFING AREA with all the material
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/dakhla-attitude-cablepark/ DAKHLA ATTITUDE CABLEPARK | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - DAKHLA ATTITUDE CABLEPARK DAKHLA ATTITUDE CABLE PARK officially started operations in March 2014 during the PKRA DAKHLA 2014 hosted by Dakhla Attitude.
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/spots/ SPOTS | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - KITESURF LESSONS The Dakhla peninsula has a water extension of about 40km and it is known as Dakhla lagoon. At its widest points the lagoon
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/extra-activities/ EXTRA ACTIVITIES | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - EXTRA ACTIVITIES Dakhla Attitude is not only about kitesurfing or windsurfing. We have a lot of other activities to suggest. Whether experiencing a bit of the
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/promos/ PROMOS | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - OUR PROMOS OUR PACKS OUR DISCOUNTS PREBOOK NOW! - SAVE 10% DAKHLA ATTITUDE INFO
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/news/ NEWS | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - DAKHLA ATTITUDE INFO Daklha Attitude 11 Avenue al Moukawama, BP41 Oued Eddahab Dakhla - MOROCCO PHONE BOOKING: +212 661 835 010 PHONE RECEPTION: +212 672 285
  • http://dakhla-attitude.ma/contact/ CONTACT | Dakhla Attitude Hotel - CONTACT DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL Should you have a special request or want to contact Dakhla Attitude for events, partnerships or issues, please fill in the below

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