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David Sheff | New York Times Best-Selling Author & JournalistDavid Sheff - David Sheff is a journalist and New York Times best-selling author. His latest book Clean was published in April 2013.

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  • Katie Dilley - Great for College classes!

    Got this backpack because when I looked online it seemed one of the top rated backpacks to use. Most sites have it priced around $70 which is a lot for backpack for a college student. Came to Amazon and saw it was only around $30 so thought I'd give it a try! Only have been in school 2 days but I absolutely love it already! The shoulder support strap is awesome because it puts weight on my whole back instead of just my shoulders where straps are. Lots of little pockets great to keep phone and iPod in during class and the main pocket in the back easily fits 2 subjects worth of books! Great backpack that is sure to keep everything needed for school organized!

  • Rosh - Wow! Excellent product! Huge difference!

    I am just thinning a bit at the crown...not too bad. If you are really fully bald, this probably won't give you the best results. This product just looks SO REAL, that even I am convinced that I never lost any hair back there. That said, there are a few cautions: First, if you use this you'll need to try a few shades possibly, to get the exact right match, and check those under full sun, florescent lights, etc. A little darker shade for dark hair works well however. Secondly, I suggest using the mist spray after you put this on, to decrease the staining of your collars. This keeps your pillows and shirts cleaner in the long run. Third, If you swim or shower, this will wash out easily...which is good and bad. I would suggest that you will need or want to rinse your hair before bed, to allow the scalp to breath and keep your bedding cleaner. But, even when some of this rubs off onto clothes or sheets, it basically brushes right off. If you leave the residue on a collar too long, and combine that with sweating or moisture, the stain will set into the cloth.

  • Kwok K. Wan - Lots of fun for the Kids

    The Kids loved it. Kept them busy hours on end.... I remember spending a lot of quarters in Arcades playing a similar game. FUN, that is all I am saying.

  • Ms. Nicola D. Warner - Amazing results!!!

    I've been using Idol Lash for about three weeks now, and I've used it night and morning (goes against the directions, but my eyes seem to be okay with it, so I thought why not? lol), and the difference I've noticed already goes beyond what I'd ever hoped for. I have fair hair and so my eyelashes were fair, and they have definitely darkened a couple of shades. My lashes were fairly long anyway, but they've noticeably grown, this shows without mascara - but the results when I put on black mascara is incredible, I can't stop looking at them! The main reason i bought Idol Lash is because I want thicker, fatter lashes, and I can see the gaps beginning to fill in. They have a way to go, but I have every faith in this product. Ignore the bad reviews, okay so perhaps it won't work on everyone (I don't know why) but you have to give it a try coz it's worth the very reasonable price to see if you can get the kind of results I've got. I'm so glad I decided to go for it!!! :)