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  • Onoñdagegá - Fixes breath, not a cover up

    This is the best rinse we have ever used. It actually fixes bad breath instead of covering up with a minty or mediciny smell. My spouse came home with garlic breath one day and after one swish with this it was gone completely. I love it!

  • Chris - Finally found something effective to help with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis!

    I am going to start by recommending schwartz turmeric curcumin to everyone who read this review. The health benefits from taking a turmeric supplement go beyond what I can describe in a simple review.

  • n0ne - DON'T BUY!!!!

    This system at first seemed to fit my needs perfectly. The crossbars a first glance appear to be constructed well and feel sturdy. So when I started the installation with the back bar, I thought this is great! Simple to install and the bar seemed to fit perfectly and sealed well once the screws were sunk it. Then I tried installing the front cross bar. Boom! My happiness went down the drain. The mounting fixtures with the screw holes are set to close together. There is no way for the screw holes in the bar to align with the screw holes on my CR-V.

  • lil Green guy is awesome! - Shocking Hair growth and incredible gains! Unbelievable result!

    Fortunately, bald-head is not part of my DNA but I do take this to have thicker and fuller eyebrows. [Yeah, I know it's funny} My eyebrows are thicker than ever before it's like a Mongolia forests that runs straight through horizontally above my eyes.

  • Philippians4:13 - excellent cappuccino for few $$$

    Don't listen to the coffee snobs who say you need to spend hundreds (or more) for a good cappuccino machine! I didn't get a machine for a long time because I figured they would be too complicated to use, time-consuming to clean, and the inexpensive ones would make lousy cappuccino. But Starbucks gets expensive, so when I saw this one on sale for $59.99 I figured all it needed to do was make 20 decent drinks to pay for itself. It has done that in a couple of weeks! Following the instructions, it's very easy to use, cleaning is also quick and easy, and the cappuccinos and lattees come out great. It's a huge plus that you can use regular coffee mugs, so who cares that it doesn't come with little espresso cups? The ONLY negative is that it really should have come with a milk frothing pitcher, but I picked up an 8-oz. one at the supermarket for $1.99 and it works fine. If you are on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge on an inexpensive espresso/cappuccino maker, buy this one.

  • L. Carol McConnaughey - Forgot whether or not I liked it!

    This was ordered over four years ago. I've forgotten whether or not I liked it....don't wait so long to ask!