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  • Lola Thies - ... hairdresser first introduced me to this product and I love it. I have fine hair and it just ...

    My hairdresser first introduced me to this product and I love it. I have fine hair and it just gives it some body and shine. Almost always have been able to find products I like on Amazon for a better price and this was no exception.

  • happycustomer - Happy Customer

    It works! Skin is clearer, more radiant, fine wrinkles from smoking and sun damage ELIMINATED. I have told so many people about it (as they have been asking about my skin lately) that I am beginning to think I should work for this company. I bought stock as well.

  • JulieS - Good quality backpack

    My daughter uses this backpack for school and really likes it. It sits nicely on her back and looks very secure, It has several pockets, including one at the tip-top for an mp3 player with the necessary holes for your headphones to reach your ears, and it also has straps at the bottom for a blanket, flute case, etc...she doesn't use the straps and it's not obvious that they are there. Her only issue was that her large 2" binders along with books are sometimes a bit snug...but I really can't see her using anything larger.

  • Chad in AK - CLOTS-BE-GONE

    This review is for Quercitin-Bromelain/Nattokinase/Serrapeptase, because I take them all together, and don't know which individually had the great effect - BUT IF YOU EVER SUFFER CLOTS, READ THIS: