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  • Stacy A. Schwartz - Weather Tech mats are the best

    I had been waiting for. Weather tech to make mats to fit my car. They are worth every penny. They really protect your car, and are easy to clean. So happy with my purchase!

  • B. Gill - Best I've tried yet!

    Oh this is really good coffee! Highly recommended! It's got some Kenya AA in it and yummy! All flavors are in separate plastic bags! Not all just dumped into a box! Kudos for that nifty little idea! Bravo... Will order again and again!

  • Robert Connolly - Best Career Finder Help Ever

    If you are looking for a job or a new career of any kind, I highly recommend this book. Extremely thorough with lots of good advice. Easy and entertaining to read. The writer seems to have thought of every angle when it comes to this subject. But then given the number of years he has been writing on this topic that is not surprising. I also appreciate that he revises this book each year so that it is up to date with today's job market.

  • Glenjwc23 - Works for Comcast with Router

    Works perfectly with Comcast Internet only service. Size: 3-inches wide x 1-inch thick x 4-inches long. Easy to connect. It will pay for its self in four month, for me, with the savings of not paying that monthly rental/leasing fee. You may need to contact your ISP with the serial number so they can connect your new equipment. I had to call Comcast; took about 30 minutes for their equipment to recognize my new modem. You will need a router to connect your wireless devices. I have this unit connected to a Linksys WRT 1900 ACS router. I have my iPAD Pro, iPAD2, Samsung Phone, 2 laptops, 1 ePrinter, and 1 Desktop connected wirelessly plus 1 Desktop [older model] hard wired. Also, Linksys is very helpful should you need assistance. I am very pleased with this purchase.