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  • AngelC - Amazing stroller, even if you are not a runner or jogger.

    I am not a jogger, but I need a stroller with brakes because I live in a very hilly area. I was afraid a stroller without brakes would become tiring after walking down hills and trying to hold back the weight of the stroller. After a few weeks of use, I can definitely the expense was worth it. When walking down a hill, I will apply slight pressure to the breaks to slow the stroller down. When going up steep hills, I can fully apply the breaks if I need to take a breather or I need to temporarily stop for any other reason.

  • TrinityTrifecta - The bad reviews are crazy talk.

    Okay so my mom had one of these for at least three years and it was just collecting dust. I'm a very lazy person and I play a lot of video games. I had recently lost a fair amount of weight (went from 210 to 180) when I moved back in with my mother. I was worried that working and playing video games was going to put weight on again so I dusted off the machine, WD40'd all the joints and connectors and set it up. I wasn't looking to have any intense kind of work out as stated before I'm a very lazy person, I just wanted to stay in motion and not be sitting on my butt in my off time. I started using the machine at a Size 14. There is a reason I do not go to the gym, it's boring. There is no visual and mental stimulation and I'm not one to want to work out with my mind racing on all the things going on in my life. Since you can technically use the Gazelle hands free (no idea how people in the reviews had feet slipping but I'll get to that later) I grabbed my wireless xbox360 controller and started working out while I was playing video games. Now, I'm not sure if any of you are gamers but for me I can spend 4+ hours playing video games without taking a break. In three months time I was down to a size 7 and weighed 147 lbs. I'm 5'8". I wasn't on any kind of diet either, I worked at a fast food joint during this time, and I wasn't taking any kind of diet pills or doing anything other than making sure I stayed on the gazelle the entire duration of my gaming sessions. I'm also a smoker, I was able to keep going on the gazelle fo rup to 11hours sometimes. I was never sore, I did not have to worry about sweating all over my clothes. I've even worked out on this thing in high heals, boots, skate shoes, slippers, socks, barefoot, sneakers and chucks. I've never had any kind of issue with feet slipping off. So yes the machine does work, and yes you will get toned and trim down. For those that are like me this is a great way to work out. Sometimes it's about making the machines fit into your life and not trying to fit your life into the machine. All the bad reviewers and saying this machine is for grannies blows my mind. I was 26 at the time a really out of shape and this machine did wonders. I'm actually getting a new one for my new place, I would recommend this for anyone.

  • A.D. - Fits like a... glove.

    The best full fingered glove I have. Love to ride with it. This perfectly fits the length of my fingers, not too short, not too long - absolutely perfect. Allows me the best modulation of my brakes and great feel on the shifter. Once you find a brand of gloves that works you tend to stick with them. I have average hands, right at medium width without freakishly long fingers. These gloves are awesome.

  • Dana Bohlen - Didn't work at all

    I bought this in hopes that it would help me along with my weight loss endeavors...but to no avail :( I'm not sure that it worked on my as a carb inhibitor at all actually! I still had carb cravings and thought this was suppose to help curb that. I just had to rely on good ole will power!

  • Linnea Swensson - How cool is that

    These are really neat little lights. I didn't even use the screws and anchored provided to install them. Instead, I just wedged the upper "lip" of the light underneath a strip of my vinyl siding. It fits tightly enough to hold the light in place.

  • Mark - Works Great!

    I have had this monitor for roughly a year now and it works great. For the price and it's slim design, you can't get a much better value! Over the past year, it has come into contact with various sharp edges and forceful impacts but the monitor remains to work great with very slim noticeable scratches.

  • J. Carson - OK Software

    The software was fine as it was as simple tax return. The basic is not good if you need investments or rental properties.