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  • Monamin - This product is really amazing. I wanted to try the product for a ...

    This product is really amazing. I wanted to try the product for a while to see if it really works which it did. I had problems focussing after going through so much in the summer. I also had sleeping problems which was solved with this med. Weird but just take it from me. I would definitely purchase it again and this time in bulk. It's saving my grades.

  • Lynn - My laptop performed even worse than before the download

    I wish there was a place for no stars. I purchased PC Matic and kept it for two weeks. My laptop performed even worse than before the download. It was nearly impossible to get support. You have to email in your problem, and wait for a reply. They did respond to my first emails, but never with a fix. I kept emailing, and finally complained on their FB page. They replied that they were indeed responding - but for some strange reason I wasn't getting them. After two weeks of this, I got rid of PC Matic. I had gotten PC Matic due to all the favorable reviews, but subsequently discovered that the reason for this is that the company will provide free coverage for favorable reviews. One can get up to a year by writing them on various sites. I have AVG now and am very happy with the results.

  • Keith Dworak - Don't wait until it's too late

    I have a 15 year old septic tank and I never have it pumped. Instead, I pop one supply of RID-X into the toilet, flush it twice and then go to bed. Haven't had a problem yet! Make sure you follow the instructions and dont use a lot of water after you flush this, you want it to sit in your septic tank and not run into your yard. I just do it Friday night before bed and sleep in Saturday morning.