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  • lilumpkin - Love! Must try for wavy hair

    Wavy hair lady. Product I used to use wad discontinued and I have final found my new replacemnt! I am using the no poo shampoo. Conitioner and the light gel! Use lore product than you think you need!!! Does Not make my hair crunchy. I use the products then scrunch with a towel, add light gel then use diffuser w hair dryer. It probably would air dry nice too. Super soft feeling! A must try for wavy / barely curly hair

  • Dennis Moonitz - Four for under $20! Why wash you old hubcaps, replace them!

    Unbelievable! Four wheel covers for under $20 !?! I can barely get five gallons of gas for that! They look nice and bright and shiney and installed in a few minutes. Really dressed up my car, the old covers were looking a bit dingy. Oddly enough when i bought them i thought i was buying just one getting a good deal, but four arrived so i rechecked the add and discovered that i had purchased one set of four, not just one. Suddenly the world is a wonderful place! (Ok, i may have gone too far...)

  • nat0299 - Look beautiful in my backyard!

    I love these solar lights. We put them on our shed and they look great. They are lightweight and are easy to install. You don't have to worry about wiring. After a full charge the lighting with these solar lights lasts from 6-8 hours. If the description is correct with these lights I will not have to replace them anytime soon as they can run up to 50,000 hours. They give a nice warm lighting and look beautiful at night. I have got a lot compliments on these lights and I'm so happy I purchased them. DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discount or free for my honest and unbiased review. This did not alter my review or the legitimacy of this review in any way. I do not get compensated for doing so. I have no personal affiliation to any seller and no product is ever guaranteed a positive review. Every product I review will be given an accurate and honest number of stars and verbiage consistent with the product’s merit. I read Amazon reviews when I am deciding which products to purchase on Amazon, so it is important to me that I review products accurately and honestly so I am not misleading any future consumers who may be purchasing said products for full price.

  • mita - it works !

    First I will say that I live in a building. I notice I was having a mice problem. I tried everything out there possible with no success. Living in a building doest help the situation either ,especially if I'm the only one trying to do something about it. So Iwent from having a mice problem to an infestation basicly. So I was at my witts end when I did some reasearch on how to get rid of mice and ran into this product. So I decided why not give this a try as it was my last resort. I have to say it really does work. The onlyproblem is that since ilive in a building it kind of hard to keep them ALL away but for the most part iI dont see them anymore or hear them in my wall. only thing i did notice is that maybe one still comes in. But I don't find mice droppings everywhere like I use to. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the one the still comes into my apt. Because altho there's a cab placed there it still comes in and its only in one area. I think a house of trailer or something like that it would work better because you don't have neighbors that don't do anything about the issue. BTW I place a fresh cab pouch in every room closet and corner of my apt. I love the smell it does have. I think I might have to replace them tho after a month of use comparedto what iI read that u can use it for a couple of months. But I like this product and will buy again. Definaly worth the try.

  • wefishallday - THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT "REALLY" WORKS ON H. Simplex I

    I get fever blisters on my lips from exposure to the wind, the sun and whenever I'm exposed to a new virus but don't get the actual flu -- they have always taken so long to heal. Abreva definitely SHORTENS that timeframe significantly and the blister doesn't get as big nor does it spread outwards.


    This is the ONLY product that will clean my brass bar sink. When I found it on the internet ( I thought they had gone out of business),