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Diego Brito - Marketing Digital e Empreendedorismo - Palestrante, empreendedor, publicitário e professor. Especialista em marketing digital, publicidade e propaganda, CEO na General Marketing.

  • http://diegobrito.com.br/palestrante-empreendedorismo-marketing-digital/ Palestrante de Empreendedorismo e Marketing Digital - Diego Brito é palestrante, empresário, publicitário, escritor, blogueiro e coordenador no Fórum do Jovem Empreendedor da Associação Comercial de São Paulo.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -73.9975 New York, United States

  • TRK65 - FANTASTIC product if you apply it sparingly

    I bought this product before putting our last house on the market to freshen up the floors. It worked very well using the conventional application method of squirting it out of the bottle onto the floor and spreading it with a damp mop. I only used it once on those floors so I didn't experience any buildup problems.

  • Larissa - Great smell...and that's it

    I really like the Organix Thick'n'full with biotin and keratin. It worked really well. My friend tried the Coconut milk one and spoke nothing but good things about it. So when I colored my hair, it dried it out a little and decided to give this a try. I've used it for about two weeks now and it is horrible. The smell is lovely but that's about the only good thing I can say about it. My hair felt really sticky in the damp phase after I got out of the shower but it did leave my hair pretty soft after it was fully dry. However, I have the hardest time brushing my hair because it gets so tangled not to mention my hair started falling out. I mean I have long dark hair so it's normal that I'm going to shed hair and that I'm going to notice I'm shedding. But after using this, I started shedding WAY more than usual. It actually scared me a little how much I was losing and it didn't happen to until AFTER i started using this. I'm never buying it again. I guess that's what I get for buying shampoo and conditioner that are a combined total of $10....

  • msn37 - Wonderful to have the real Suzanne back

    Ready to Roll is set in a comprehensible world, with interesting characters whose acts of selflessness and bravery defy human cynicism - not reality. (No zombies or magic powers, thank goodness). The recent shorts have been quite good, but this one even introduces a boatload of tadpoles we will hopefully get to enjoy "growing up." And, of course, having Izzy back full force is pure pleasure. A must read for S Brockmann fans: even those who found the venture into YA horror/fantasy nauseating

  • marc espinosa - it was great we had so much fun playing it

    it was great we had so much fun playing it ,but there's one song that isn't playing , kinda dispappointing :(

  • Brian B. Whalen - Love to have this book handy while watching movies

    Love to have this book handy while watching movies, discussing film, etc. Came early, in time to make it a birthday present