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  • janet - I say dont buy

    I bought this product buy one get one I paid 99.00 for it but it cost me 199.80 for shipping and handling I was told about the shipping not the handling and did not recieve some of cookware promised dont know if it works im too ticked off will be giving it away for christmas dont even want it in my home.they were very rude when i called them I have to wonder if these people are being paid for good reviews

  • nobodyhasthisyet - Misleading, Deceptive and Poorly Crafted

    The Rabbit TV USB device is not a transmitter because it does not broadcast radio waves or provide any type of television service. Rabbit TV is just a poorly made flash drive (mine broke just from inserting into my computer a few times) loaded with software that provides links to external websites that Rabbit TV has no legal rights to. These websites can easily be found by searching for them without Rabbit TV.

  • will - Love this product!

    My hair feels so soft every single time I use After Party. I apply it to damp hair and then blow dry and style as usual. I have tried many products, but this stuff is the best, I got a great deal and am so happy with my purchase. - Kelly


    I am thrilled about the multi-user aspect of Quickbooks for Mac but am COMPLETELY turned off by its glitchiness and instability. There are a multitude of issues with this software. I use it because we changed our office computers from PC's to Mac. I usually love macs but this software makes my workday much more frustrating and is an overall pain in the rump. Easily adds an hour and a half to two hours to my workday (when it's somewhat cooperating) trying to work through glitches. For example, I can usually enter about 4 sales receipts and by the time it's time to create the 5th sales receipt, it will not allow me to enter it. On average I have about 75 - 100 sales receipts/invoices to enter daily. Stopping every 5 sales receipts/invoices to completely close out and restart the software because of glitches that won't allow me to either add the customer or their ordered items. The only way out of the cycle is to close it out and then restart. The time for it to connect and open the program is also VERY slow. I never had this type of problem with Quickbooks for PC before. It is not only frustrating but makes me have to come in earlier to get work done for the same pay rate. If there is anything I can do to talk my bosses into going back to the PC version, I will do it; as the increase in work hours is not paid. If I cannot, I'm stuck with this unpredictable, unstable, and frustrating software. I know intuit is capable of much better than this! They have produced products I have come to trust and rely upon over the last 12 years.