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Naturopathic Doctors • Divine Elements Vancouver, BC - Divine Elements naturopathic doctors in Kitsilano Vancouver, BC specializing in treating digestive issues, and BHRT - bio Identical Hormone treatment.

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  • Doc's N - the chairs are far better than one can imagine

    this product is a pure sleeper. the chairs are far better than one can imagine. an elderly person uses them for day to day sitting and eating. they are able to get in and out of the chair with great ease and sit comfortably while participating in leisure activities. this "zero" gravity is MUCH BETTER than advertised.

  • redbeard - IT WORKS!!

    Just saved me over $1,000 for my Toyota Tundra. Did two bottles. The first bottle I estimated about 5-6 gallons in the tank, then drove hard with high RPMs for 25 miles...with no results. Two weeks later ran the tank to 4 gallons, pulled over at a rest stop and did the second bottle. Then drove 50 miles at normal highway speeds. Light shut off by itself after 250 miles. Passed inspection : )

  • Silva NYC - I love this stroller so far

    I love this stroller so far, it's lightweight and easy to get around with. I had at first some trouble with it being difficult to close, but then I quickly realized it was because the shad had slid down the frame and the part where it was attached was preventing the frame from folding completely (and therefor not latching). The fix was as simple as being aware to pull the shade up the frame before closing up the stroller.

  • Nina - I turned 34 this year and for whatever reason I can't seem to lose weight as easily now. I've been busting my butt at the ...

    This stuff is crazy. I was skeptical initially but I'm convinced now. I've been using it 3 days and have lost 1.5 lbs.

  • electronic shopper - Problems

    I have been buying this product off and on for years and years. I purchase the 3 user product. I installed the upgrade on two of my computers before the old one expired. I got busy doing something then I installed my third copy on my last computer one day after the norton expired. It deleted all my execute files on all my programs. My backup did not seem to help much.

  • snowbat - Effective and pleasant cleanser

    I have horrible, dry, damaged, color-treated hair that hates being washed, so I was interested in the Wen products, but was unwilling to make the investment. I was glad to take the chance on this product, though. Your mileage may vary, but I would recommend that anyone try this at least once.

  • Sherry Martolock - DO NOT ORDER!!

    This program sounds good but once you get them on the phone they start throwing in extras for no charge and your credit card is charged one charge after another. They will not stop charging your account stating you okayed these charges. It is a credit card nightmare. These people are smooth talkers. When I called I was on phone 30 mins. With them adding more cd's for free that they charged me for and several times I said I don't want to order I changed my mind because I knew this didn't feel right. But finally fell for it and trusted I would get full refund after filling out Survey. Then I see charges on credit card I didn't know what they were for and can't get them off. I finally returned survey and made copy sent through post office for signed delivery and received a refund of some of the charges. They still want to continue charging me for Calm Parent program at $49.00 a month. So I stopped my credit card. Please don't put yourself through this nightmare like I did.