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  • Rob Mata - did not clean as much as expected when used on ...

    did not clean as much as expected when used on tile -- then again, i could just have seriously messed up tiles and maybe i was expecting a miracle

  • DoudY :) - second triel in a row... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ...

    Topical vitamin C is a daily necessity for me. Years of sun exposure, has left me with a few darker pigmented areas on my cheeks. Plus, the life lines, aka wrinkles, were showing as crowsfeet around my eyes, and my laugh lines were starting to get deeper. I also smoked cigarettes for more years than I care to discuss, and that didn't help with the texture and tone of my skin. I'd tried a variety of moisturizers containing vitamin C, and alpha and beta hydroxy acids. I even tried, and really liked, a prohibitively expensive serum from a major cosmetics manufacturer that I purchased at a high end department store. But, I just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on a cosmetic product. So, I turned to the internet in search of a skin loving product that would leave my skin soft, supple, and diminish the appearance of my dark spots, lines, and wrinkles.

  • Cropduster - If you can stand the buzzzzzzzz

    It's so sensitive that it picks up everything ... including background buzz. Better than nothing; and, convinced me I need a hearing aid.

  • Carolyn Bonin - Excellent product

    I have used this stuff for years to remove stubborn sticker residue from metal or ceramic items. It is an amazing product

  • Patricia J. Kale - Yum !

    I'm very happy with this injectable . I injected the turkey instead of brining . The finished product was juicy , flavorful and downright yummy . Try it with pork roast , too . You won't be sorry . Would highly recommend !

  • Suzyfy - Flowers looking for tigers makes for an enjoyable read with all the expected twists to keep things interesting

    Another f****** Flowers book is always welcome. Multiple plots that all get tied up neatly but not too conveniently as to be predictable. Great to have a little Shrake and Jenkins thrown in as well - like hearing from old friends.

  • Amazon Customer - It wont turn on any more.

    This product really curls my long straight hair, and the curls last. It is laborious and time consuming to curl all my hair in very small segments, but the end result for an event is pretty amazing. As long as the segment of hair is small enough and smooth, I had no problem with it, but it just stopped working 2 days after the 90 day warranty was out of date. I have only used it 4 times.