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Dr. Roberto Leon, Kelowna gynecologist and obstetrician also serving other communities within British Columbia. - Dr. Roberto Leon, Kelowna gynecologist and obstetrician also serving other communities within British Columbia.

Country:, North America, CA

City: -122.7667 British Columbia, Canada

  • Wumom - Works Perfectly With My Chicco KeyFit30 Car Seat and 2012 BOB Revolution SE Duallie

    I ordered this car seat adapter for use with my Chicco KeyFit30 car seat and my new 2012 BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller. I could not be happier with how easy the system works. No tools required to install, and I did not even need to reference the instruction manual - all I had to do was snap it into the stroller's accessory adapter. It is important to me that the car seat actually CLICKS into the adapter so it is secure (versus just resting on a bar like others I've seen); with this system, it snaps in perfectly. I also like that the stroller can still be folded as usual with the adapter on - though it is not difficult to remove or re-install it anyway.

  • Melissa Wiseman - Would not have upgraded if I did not have to

    I had Quickbooks Pro 2007 before, it worked just fine, but I got a message from Quickbooks that my 2007 payroll would no longer be used so I needed to upgrade. So I did to Pro 2010. I do not see a big difference between the two it was just more money to give to Quickbooks since we use it for payroll. There is one feature that it does not have I used a Depreciation Schedule from my 2007 to keep up with depreciation each year, it is no where to be found in the 2010 edition so I have to keep 2007 on a different computer so I have the depreciation schedule.

  • Amazon Customer - I love this filter

    I love this filter. I can brew a cup of coffee anywhere there is hot water available. I bought one to keep at work and later ordered another to use at home when I want only one cup. Only down side is a bit of sediment in the bottom of the cup if you don't use custom coarse ground coffee. Just don't drink it down to the last drop if that's the case.

  • Brad Mischke - Nice style, lights do not last

    My daughter loved the shoes when they worked,she is very dissapointed, lasted about 10days got alot compliments, but left front part of shoe would not light up when she walked, then the left shoe would do the same thing, its like the wires are loose or something. Love the idea and style of the shoe , but these do not last. Would not buy again.

  • Philip Patrick - Boring

    It was 2 days of boring play. After that I couldn't give the game more time and asked 7 years son-in-law to try it out. The ability to customize your character caught his attention for about 1 hour, then the game itself for additional 2-3 hours and then he asked "what else?" - the question I've been asking myself several times. For a game that was waited for many years, this is a total failure of Will Wright. I mean, how the creator of SimCity and Sims could get to such low-level boring game without visible AI - computer player is predictable and is not fun at all.

  • kpremo - Effective and Easy!

    This worked well to remove moss and mildew on my deck and siding. I sprayed it on and when it rained the next day, I noticed how much cleaner my house and deck looked! I will have to do a second application on a few areas heavily covered in moss/mildew but I would highly recommend this product.