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  • Marcus - Waste of Time

    Tried restoring one of my Vista PC files backup to a different Vista machine using this software, it just freezes as it attempts to find the original files on the stand alone hard drive or during restoration. Tried on a Windows 7 machine and same problems. So now I have months of backed up data on my stand alone hard drive and no way to recover them ! I have spent around a day trying different options, uninstalling and re installing the latest version of the software but to no avail. Do not buy this product unless you like headaches !

  • S. Vijver - Loved it

    It just gave me goosebumps. What wonderful music. So sorry I was too young to see him perform live but this is as close as I can get.

  • Sergei - lucid and timely

    There's a reason so many of us who lived thru the period covered by Murray's book are uncomfortable with the present state of American culture. Our country has changed, and not for the better. Murray documents and explains in readable style how changes in attitude and behavior have led to the decline in civility we see around us. America is less religious, less industrious, less decent and has tossed out many behaviors and beliefs that once bound us together. A must read wake up call.

  • Bond - What a great value! Wish I would have purchased one (water ...

    What a great value! Wish I would have purchased one (water flosser) years ago. We purchased as our child will have braces for the next 18 months so we tried it also and going to the dental hygenist for teeth cleaning with every use! If you think flossing helped....this product will up your teeth/gum health! Also, noticed waking up with less "morning breath" effect.

  • Heather Ray - This was a very good read. I have read all of the Immortal ...

    This was a very good read. I have read all of the Immortal Ops books and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this one. It has been expanded on since the original and it was nice to go back to how it all began, with Peren and Lukian. I didn't want to put this one down, as with the others. It had some humor, heat, danger, and mystery. There was also hints of what is to come in it, so it made me want to re-read the others again.