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  • John - name says it all- "step by step"

    The Microsoft Office 2010 Step by Step series is by far the most easy to understand, careful and methodical learning guide I have ever encountered for any computer software learning. Complete with pictures to aid in showing the reader exactly what their computer should look like if they followed the steps correctly, it makes no assumptions about the individual user's computer savvy- instead defaulting to the position that they know nothing about computers (the way any good computer learning guide SHOULD be written). This series if FAR better than the so called 'for dummies' series, which always left me even more confused after I forced myself to read the first few chapters. I have two of the complete series of books on Microsoft Office 2010, Access 2010 and Outlook 2010. I fully intend to buy the rest of them as soon as I finish devouring these. This series actually makes learning fun. I highly recommend it.

  • Daniel - Works exactly as stated. Tells you exactly what's wrong ...

    Works exactly as stated. Tells you exactly what's wrong with an outlet. Don't make the mistake I did and use it to test an outlet I thought was getting no power at all, just because none of the lights light-up doesn't mean the wires to the outlet are dead! LOL!

  • DEBI H. - Good Book

    The book was helpful and we kept it with us in our backpack. The map was very helpful and easy to read.

  • Crystal - it was super dry even though I was applying it 3 times ...

    It was suggested to me by the artist to use this product to heal the tattoo faster. After 3 days i noticed huge scabs forming, it was super dry even though I was applying it 3 times a day and I got a rash in a nearby area of my arm that got the lotion on it but was not inked. I stopped using this and used aquaphor instead and it was noticeably better within a day.

  • Justin Nelson - Handy little device, instant read of faulty wiring

    As a DJ, I find myself often in older buildings with very old wiring. This device will most importantly let you identify an outlet wired in reverse, which is important. If you connect a powered speaker to one outlet, and your mixer board to another, and one is wired backwards, once you connect those two devices together, you will (at minimum) blow a circuit breaker and (worst case) fry your equipment. I've had both happen personally, so this little tool is in my DJ gig bag at all times to avoid such problems.

  • L. Watson - Good Game

    Was a gift for my son for Christmas. He likes these types of games. Plays great. Keeps him busy. Uses with controller not the gun. Easier for him

  • Minyoung Cho - GREAT SOFTWARE!

    It's been only few weeks since i started using this software to prepare for the DAT, but I find this very useful. Among the PAT sections, I used to have a hard time with the angle part, but this software has helped me improve in this section. I would recommend this to anyone who's preparing for the DAT!