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  • Cecil D. Pruitt - I expected this to be a better tool. The actual college my son applied to ...

    You know. I expected this to be a better tool. The actual college my son applied to listed more and different scholarships than this book listed for his major.

  • haley.blackburn - Works very well.

    I got this for my sister who just had her baby, she is having problems with acne since giving birth and I thought this would help. She said is has helped a lot so far and seems to be clearing up her acne.

  • LaCarol - Don't waste your time.

    One of the first things you will see on this program is that most of the program quit working as of Dec 31, 2012. So you are just about left with a program that you could download for free. I am still not sure that it will run on my computer and am very sure it wasn't worth the price of $20 on sale.

  • Court - BAE <3

    Besides the Baebody Eye Gel itself. I really love the container this eye gel comes in. You just press down on the top and up out of the center comes the product. This is great because putting fingers straight into your product can create bacteria. With this container you never have to touch the remaining product. As for the eye gel itself. It spreads well across the delicate skin under eyes. It absorbs fast and is dry once absorbed. It is not tacky or oily. It is very soft and velvety. It has a fresh pleasant scent. It doesn't have a perfume smell at all. For eye gel this is a very large container. Much larger than I expected (1.7 oz). It will last a very long time. The skin around my eyes looks and feels healthier. I have small crows feet starting at the corners of my eyes and these appear less pronounced after use. I have only used this for about 5 days but so far I am happy with it and would recommend it.

  • Danielle R Moser - Rip in Material

    The bag is a great product except when I received it, there was a rip on the back of the bag. This defect was not indicated on the product specs. I was disappointed.

  • Jason_M - Noticeable benefits.

    I've been taking Alpha Brain for over a year now and I swear by the stuff. It's the only nootropic I've taken, so I can't compare to an alternative. My thoughts are sharper and I feel more relaxed and confident when conversing with others. My career can be excessively mentally demanding at times and I train (kickboxing) in the evenings. I've found Alpha Brain to noticeably help those demands.