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    This is my fault for not reading the fine print. $160.00 plus is what you actually end up paying off the their website and to me it's not worth it I'm not seeing ANY results. And I'm still getting billed $43 and some change for 3 months. I called to cancel when I received the second shipment which I should have cancelled after the 30 day trial but completely forgot. So she said okay I'll cancel your order and you won't be billed again. However, that really means you won't be billed after the two additional payments are drafted out of your account for the 3 month supply. If you want to try this make sure you cancel in due time. It claims results immediately but when I called to cancel she said it really works after about 6 weeks, still no results.

  • Susie 28 - Mud mask

    Okay. All the reviews were right, this stuff is awesome. It makes my face really soft after using it. And my acne is clearing up. I have been using it frequently to try to clear up my face. Really like this mud mask. Will definitely be buying more! Just an FYI: within the first couple of weeks, I would break out a little. I looked it up and was told that is normal with a good facial mask. It is drawing years of yuck out of your skin and detoxifying :). Okay, I have to do an update: I have suffered acne since I was 9. I am now 52. I have NEVER had nice looking skin. Thanks to this product, for the first time in my life I feel beautiful. Really. My skin is smooth, soft and almost acne free. I have ONE blemish at this moment. No blackheads for the first time in life that I remember.

  • Anastasia Callander - oils

    I ordered this before I became a distributor and found the cost for less. I love the Young Living Essential oils and use them every day. I was around my grand daughter who was "diagnosed" with the FLU and I never got it. I felt like I was going too but I never got the full impact of the flu and I am feeling great.