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  • Tatyana - Keloid cure?

    My family has a history of having keloids and lucky for me I have it the worst, every time I get some type of cut, pimple or bug bite I worry that it will turn into a Keloid. I have over 13 Keloids on my body and made the mistake of going to a Dermatologist for one of them and had it surgically removed, which the result was that it ended up coming back 10x bigger than before. After that experience I had I decided to find a natural way to get rid of them, I tried apple cider vinegar, peroxide, aspirin paste, iodine and a lot more and nothing seemed to work. About a month ago I stumbled on an article about Serrapeptase and how the enzyme can eat away at scar tissue, so of course I had to try it hoping that I had finally found my Keloid "cure" and I think I did. After only using it for a few weeks I had already noticed a different in my scars and could actually feel them being eaten away. Since I have a lot of scars I know that its going to take a while for them to completely go away but I can tell you now that if you have Keloids I suggest you take this and Nattokinase, they might not go away right away immediately so be patient. I will come back and update on my Keloid free journey in a couple of months.

  • Gamearts - Awesome mouse pad but might not be worth it for some.

    This is my first SteelSeries (AKA Icemat) mouse pad. SteelSeries makes a variety of mouse pads and this is one of the few they make that is made of cloth.

  • Ryzeldorf - A Great Investment

    I shopped ADT, SafeTouch(FL) and Brinks and never bought for several reasons. I am not comfortable with any of their contract games. The monthly price is high and requires a land line or the rental or purchase of adapters for cable modem dial out or cell dial out to the call center. The cost of the install is never actually free to have the devices I need to fully secure my home and they nickel and dime big time for every little add on. Another trick is the short period of time you have to cancel your account or make changes at the end of your contract term before auto-re-enrollment. It's a joke that ultimately meant I never purchased.