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  • t1800ke - Keeps the finish like new!

    My dad started using Wash & Wax back in 1967, an era when cars needed regular wax jobs to extend the life of body paints that simply wouldn't last. He purchased a brand new pickup and began washing it on a regular basis with Wash & Wax. When he traded the pickup 9 years later, the paint looked unbelievably great, yet it had never received a traditional wax job! That sold me on the product and I have relied on it ever since. It's the only cleaner/protectant I use on both of my new Silverados.

  • Linda Damery - Very disappointed

    This book was to come with a CD for use in the computer. The book was purchased for my daughter to take a class using the book and CD. Where oh where is the CD? Would like to return the book for one with the CD.

  • G. Hayden - I have used this software for 15 years, and it has gotten steadily gotten worse, I Hate this product and want different product

    I used to like how quicken was fairly easy to use. Not anymore. they are upgrading features without working the bugs out of the software to make sure everything works correctly! I upgraded from quicken 2010 rental property manager to 2013 rental property manager. memorized transactions do not work and I lost data. Of course when you need help you have to search for a phone number, that once you call you wait in que for a long time, only to be directed to India and trying to understand a foreign dialect, who is not even a level 1 trainee. Broken promises for returned calls, lack of knowledge, NO USA SUPPORT. NO RETURN CALLS, I CURRENTLY HAVE 3 INCIDENT NUMBERS AND WAS WAITING FOR A RETURN CALL TODAY FROM SUPPORT THAT OF COURSE NEVER CAME. I am looking for another software vendor, Intuit has really gone downhill

  • Cat Lover - I used this with the super fine steel wool and completed the project with Howard ...

    My bathroom cabinets looked shabby but I didn't want to go through the effort of refinishing them. I used this with the super fine steel wool and completed the project with Howard Feed N Wax wood polish and they look almost good as new with minimal effort. Great product! I highly recommend it.

  • Sherri C. - had a virus attack, tech support not very helpful ...

    had a virus attack, tech support not very helpful, customer service not helpful, had to put back on Microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes anti- malware to clean computer next time will try Norton!

  • M. Maurizzi - Quick books

    This is an upgrade to a current version that we own. It took some getting use to, but they changed some of the format and added some things. I know like this version a lot better

  • Rolland G. Berreth - This is the best movie book there is

    This is the best movie book there is, bar none. I have tried other movie review books but none are as good as Videohound.