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  • dralexy - One of the best Tat support gels

    Had a major tattoo update and this stuff hydrates like no other... really moistens and makes the tat rich. Not cheap - but hey.. i'm a work of art!!

  • J. Ernest Green - Great grinder for the money

    This is a really great grinder for the money. Sometimes the grind is a little inconsistent but with some patience you will get a nice grind and awesome coffee. I would buy this again.

  • R. Knobel - Software does the job, but the GUI is very ...

    Software does the job, but the GUI is very clunky. Support is the worth. They told me I can get refund, since they released 2014 a week later, but I have not heard from them for more then two weeks. There is no phone number to call.

  • stand2fish - Best news for me since 1982

    Gut and Psychology Syndrome. This is the science behind Dr. Mark Hyman MD'S The Ultra Mind Solution. Following these principles, under my medical doctor's supervision, I have weened off all psychiatric medications for nearly the past 10 months. I had been under a psychiatrist's care since 1982 and have been on most of the meds used for Bipolar 11 Disorder. Now, I have no depression, no foggy brain, no side effects, a great sex life, no anxiety, and hope to get off disability sometime soon. People need to take control of their own health and use their own will power. After electric shock treatments and acupuncture and years of nonfunctioning it was surprizing to me that our gut actually produces most of the Seretonin used by the brain. I wish I would have found this earlier. My wife and kids are amazed to "have me back." 58 year old professional male.

  • GirlfriendNinja - It Works for Me

    I have been using the product for well over a year. Someone mentioned stomach discomfort and though the growth is amazing, I can attest to that. What I discovered is that the pills vary from box to box. The flatter pills don't cause the discomfort that the less flat pills do. I don't know why that is. I can say that my hair is thicker and very strong. I hated the shampoo, which made my hair very hard, and the conditioner (if you can call it that) did nothing to counteract the hardness. In fact none of the non-Vivescal conditioners I put on my hair after that horrid shampoo softened my hair. I ended up doing a mayonnaise treatment, followed up with a coconut milk rinse to make my hair pliable. Long story short: vitamins good, other products not so much. Oh, and the stomach discomfort doesn't make you poop. It's not that kind of pain. What it feels like is very painful gas that is concentrated just in one small area, but it subsides after about 10 minutes and a lot of water.

  • AJCM - Awesome College Guide

    My 17 year old just loves, loves, this book. The info you get from this book is endless. Strongly recommend

  • Cabinetman - a good source of info even without gps or wifi.

    My third edition. There are always things I would do differently but over all, it's a pretty cool program that continues to offer neat features. When we travel, we use our own GPS but we have used the GPS on this system as well with our laptop and a remote GPS unit that plugs in the usb port. What's best about this, however, is the ability to see what's available at a certain destination without having any gps or web connection. I suspect that when the next rendition comes out I'll buy it too. In for a penny, in for a pound!