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Enterosgel UK official site | For detoxification and effective relief from diarrhoea, allergies, IBS - Enterosgel is an oral intestinal adsorbent which is clinically proven to safely relieve diarrhoea, some allergies and IBS symptoms through adsorption and removing of harmful substances from the gut.

  • http://enteromed.co.uk/uses/ USES | Enterosgel UK official site - Enterosgel gently cleanses the gut by adsorbing pathogens, bacterial toxins, viruses, allergens. Enterosgel helps to stop diarrhoea.
  • http://enteromed.co.uk/gut-conditons/ GUT CONDITONS | Enterosgel UK official site - ENTEROSGEL has a high capacity to bind pathogenic bacteria, their toxins, viruses and other medium-weight harmful substances in the gut.
  • http://enteromed.co.uk/enterosgel-technology-or-how-enterosgel-works/ ENTEROSGEL technology or How ENTEROSGEL works | Enterosgel UK official site - ENTEROSGEL technology or How ENTEROSGEL works. Enterosgel is an oral intestinal adsorbent, composed of organic minerals and water.
  • http://enteromed.co.uk/where-to-buy/ WHERE TO BUY | Enterosgel UK official site - WHERE TO BUY ENTEROSGEL: ENTEROSGEL® is widely available at pharmacies and other stores including Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, HOLLAND&BARRETT, DayLewis and Well Pharmacy. It is also available online from numerous suppliers including ENTEROSGEL® UK online shop and Amazon.

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  • T. Anderson - Good stuff

    This is smooth and goes on easily. I set it with a mineral powder. It covers well and lasts a long time before it gets shiny/oily. I use an oil blotting sheet and dab a little more powder on and it lasts several more hours.

  • Patrick Leser - Like another customer

    I'm a dedicated supplement (esp guarana) taker, and I'm not sure if there's any Guarana in this product at all. Like another customer, I kept increasing the dose and still felt nothing. Too bad - I was hoping Natrol finally got into the game of legitimate supps...

  • Tina - Easy installation

    I installed this myself in about 30 minutes. Hardest part is getting those end caps off. Used a screwdriver in the slot and a hammer to "knock" them off. (I am a small, middle-aged woman.)