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Medical Spa Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa - Eppley Lifestyle Spa is a premier Indianapolis medical spa offering plastic surgery and spa services including Theravedic facial and pre-natal massage in the Indianapolis area.

  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/about-us/  About Us | Eppley Lifestyle Spa - Learn more about Eppley Lifestyle Spa, a premier medical spa located in Carmel, Indiana serving the greater Indianapolis area.  
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/spa-and-massage/ Indianapolis Massage | Eppley Lifestyle Spa   - For Indianapolis massage treatments including sports massage, thai yoga, and prenatal massage, get in touch with Eppley Lifestyle Spa today!
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/skin/ Skin Treatments Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa   - Eppley Lifestyle Spa is the premier destination for spa skin treatments including facials, chemical peels and laser hair removal in the Indianapolis area.
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/skin/facials/ Facials in Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa   - Eppley Lifestyle Spa offers many different facials in Indianapolis, including the Ayurvedic Facial, the Theravedic Facial, The Platinum Facial, and microdermabrasion and more.
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/skin/eyelash-extensions-permanent-makeup/#eyelash Indianapolis Eyelash Extensions & Permanent Makeup | Eppley - Eyelash extensions and permanent make up will lengthen your eyelashes and enhance your features. Get the best deal at Indianapolis medical spa, Eppley Lifestyle Spa.  
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/skin/reveal-skin-analysis/ Reveal Skin Complexion Analysis Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa - Reveal Skin Complexion Analysis helps you determine which skin treatments your face needs. Find out more at Indianapolis Medical Spa, Eppley Lifestyle Spa located in Carmel, Indiana.  
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/skin/chemical-peels/ Chemical Peels Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa - Several types of chemical peels are offered to Indianapolis residents seeking skin treatments at Eppley Lifestyle Spa, located in Carmel Indiana.  
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/skin/exilis-skin-tightening/ Exilis Skin Tightening Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa -  Exilis ELITE skin treatment reduces fat and results in skin tightening all over the body. Get it in Indianapolis at Eppley Lifestyle Spa. Contact us today.
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/skin/vanquish-fat-removal/ Vanquish™ Fat Removal Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa - Vanquish™ fat removal treatment reduces fat in problem areas all over the body. Available to Indianapolis residents seeking fat reduction at Eppley Lifestyle Spa in Carmel, Indiana.
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/skin/laser-skin-treatments/ Laser Skin Treatments Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa - With BBL and SkinTyte laser skin treatment Indianapolis medical spa Eppley Lifestyle Spa in Carmel, Indiana offers the very best in laser skin treatment.
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/skin/laser-hair-removal/ Laser Hair Removal Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa -  Remove unwanted hair from legs, armpits, and more with Laser Hair Removal in Indianapolis at Eppley Lifestyle Spa. Remove that hair for good with laser treatment.  
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/md/plastic-surgery/ Plastic Surgery Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa -  Dr. Barry L. Eppley is a board certified plastic surgeon in Indianapolis with extensive experience offering plastic surgery to the surrouding community.
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/md/facial-fillers/ Botox & Facial Fillers Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa - For facial fillers and Botox in Indianapolis, visit Dr. Eppley at Eppley Lifestyle Spa for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience at our beautiful med spa.  
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/md/earlobe-repair/#removal  Earlobe Repair and Mole Removal Indianapolis | Eppley Lifestyle Spa - Repair your torn earlobe in Indianapolis at Eppley Lifestyle Spa, located in Carmel, Indiana, or get mole removal, and scar revision.
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/blog/ Eppley Lifestyle Spa Blog - Get the latest news and updates from Indianapolis medical spa, Eppley Lifestyle Spa, the premier destination for spa treatments, massage, laser hair removal, and chemical peels.
  • http://eppleylifestylespa.com/contact/ Contact Us | Eppley Lifestyle Spa -  Get in touch with us today by calling Eppley Lifestyle Spa at (317) 814-4100 or emailing the spa here!

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  • De Provence - Remington IPL6000

    I purchased this product with a little bit of hesitation as it is expensive but thought I would give it a try. I used it primarily on leg and arm hair. I have a fair complexion and brown hair which is supposedly ideal for the best results for this item. I read the directions so I would get the full benefits of the IPL. The IPL was small, nicely made and easy to use and wasn't painful even on the highest setting. I used it twice in 2 weeks as directed and was ready to use it for the third time. Upon turning the unit on the third time it did not chirp to indicate it was ready. I decided to return it since it was not working properly. Of course I did not get to see the benefits from prolonged use over time, but it did not seem to stop any hair from coming back in the spots that I used it on. They stated in the instruction booklet that you should see up to a 45% decrease in hair after just 2 uses. I did not see that result. I may have seen a 5% decrease but it is very difficult to say. Since the IPL wasn't working correctly and I was disappointed, I returned the unit for a refund.