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  • kellisue123 - overpriced and didnt work

    save your money for a wig. this may be all natural but it doesnt work. i tried the shampoo and the oil treatment. hair still fell out, i tired it for six months but it didnt help me. myabe it will help someone else.but for what i cost no thank you.

  • reviewing robin - More more milk plus please

    This stuff works! I was having trouble keeping up with my son's needs after about 3 months of breastfeeding. I was nursing and pumping as often as possible, but needed an extra boost. This stuff did the trick.I had a noticeable drop in supply when I stopped taking it. The only thing I don't like is you can't drink a lot of water after taking it. Not a big deal, but sort of a pain as I am so thirsty while breastfeeding. I am thankful my supply has regulated and I don't need this any more, but will definitely be saving it for the future.