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  • Sarah Lynn Ridlen - Get it, you'll love it

    Easy to install, and works great for me so far! I started using Webroot last year, and was very happy with it, and decided to continue with this product for another year. Couldn't be happier! Protects my computer seamlessly, and you pretty much don't even know it's running. Install was lighting fast. Highly recommend.

  • Sydney Caruthers - LD Remanufactured HP Black Laser Toner Cartridge

    I previously left positive feedback on this companies laser toner cartridges but I now have to change my feedback. The first cartridge I purchased was fine-Printed well & lasted decent amount of time/prints. This second cartridge I recently received only lasted 1-2 weeks and then went completely empty. In other words you can hardly see anything on a page just printed. I don't know if this one is the exception or I got lucky with the first one but now I am afraid to order again from this company.

  • Paul Johnson - Great company and product, but use the epoxy topcoat

    I used this product about 3 years ago. Our kitchen countertops were a little messed up and very outdated. After looking at several other options that were either very expensive and/or involved a lot of time and labor, we decided to give Giani Granite a try. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this kit works well and the results are surprisingly good. In fact, I liked it so well that I did a small desk with the leftovers. Between the included DVD and the documentation on Giani’s website, there is plenty of information available. I do recommend you read and follow the directions exactly, and also watch the DVD. As long as you do, there should be no problems. I don’t have much art ability (that’s more my wife’s department), so if I can do it, I think almost anyone can. The company is very helpful and supportive. I did call their 24-hour number one time with a question, and someone answered right away and was able to help me.

  • A. Moses - A big step up from last year...

    Loaded with new features and boasting a HUGE roster... this one will be sure to please! You can now create your own storylines, play them out, and share them online. You can also share your created superstars online as well, which is a huge bonus for all of us who rely on CAW formulas year after year. The only downside that I've come acrossed is the limit of use with the created superstars in your custom stories (up to 10 scenes & matches a story), but hey, the rest is fun... so that's easily okay to deal with. The Royal Rumble match has been drastically improved to include mini games to eliminate your opponent instead of just knocking them out. This year, Divas and only wrestle Divas and Superstars can only wrestle superstars. It isn't a big blow, because the number of matches the divas can compete in has gone way up in number (gotta love extreme rules!!) all in all, I recomend this game to casual fans and hardcore SvR gamers alike ;)

  • ABBIELEIGH1189 - Best thing since sliced bread

    I first tried oatmeal, lactation cookies, flax seed, Brewers yeast, and the mama milk tea. I only wish I started this product sooner . Love love love. Only these and the tea made a noticeable difference.

  • Ulsterman - A Typical Charles Murray Book -- Excellent

    Some people just can't seem to write badly, and Murray is one of those. He manages to sift through reams and reams of sociological statistics and data and, amazingly, make it all interesting. While I admit I occasionally skip over a few data-dense paragraphs, for the most part this is a highly readable book about a subject of great importance, i.e., the decline of what Murray calls America's "founding virtues"--industriousness, honesty, marriage, and religion. Yes, the picture he paints is unpleasant--but he tries to keep an optimistic tone, and I applaud him for one of his statements near the end of the book: individually, the people who make messes of their lives may be reasonably decent people (and we all know some of them), but, collectively, they are doing immense harm to society, and I'm afraid I just can't be as optimistic as Murray is. Sadly, our love for "tolerance" and being "nonjudgmental" means that people who are lazy, dishonest, and incapable of personal commitment never meet with the disapproving stare that previous generations tried to avoid.

  • JAlex - Good but not great

    I bought this beacuse my gf wanted a treadmill in the home. She used to run all the time and wanted to be able to do that in the house when we couldn't get outside. This was around 600 dollars in my estimation a middle of the road price for a treadmill. It was moderately difficult to setup and time consuming. I needed her help in a few instances to hold things in place or to help keep me grounded. I am a 200 pound man and I can tell you that I have no problem running on this treadmill. Obviously at a slower speed it struggles with the friction caused by walking but when you kick that speed up to a higher number, i usually run on a 6, it is just fine. My gf and I have run non stop for over an hour and it hasn't had any issues.