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  • Valerie Martie - Even products saying better than proactive

    This is the second time I ordered this product. I suffered for many years with acne. Over the years I have used many acne solutions by clearasil, neutrogena, clinique, proactive, exposed skin care, burts bees acne solution, you name it. Even products saying better than proactive. Yet it's like every product I used open my pores more, dried up my face, irritated my face, and made me break out more. In two weeks of using Keeva my face was clearing up. In a month my face was completely cleared up. My scars was slightly visible. I was happy to say the bumps went away from my face. This product does fade the old and new scars so that's a plus. I love that my face doesn't feel greasy and I can easily apply my make-up. For those that breakout using make up which i do breakout after using certain makeup, I have tried putting keeva before makeup and it works wonders. It doesn't breakout my face. To be brutally honest when Keeva ran out within that week my face broke out a bit. I suppose since your face gets used to a product. But I went and ordered it again and my face cleared up rather quickly after i received it. So if this works for you and you know your running out, order it quickly to prevent acne from coming back. So I give it five stars for working miracles on my face and bringing back my confidence but giving it a 4 for it being small. I wish we get a bigger jar of keeva for that price ;) Good luck and hope this review helps someone out there with the same problem just remember to be consistent with this product.

  • David Cave - Myth dispelling!

    With all the flack going around about the end of the world,the Mayan calendar, the apocalypse and even Nostradamus, this book was concise and to the point about the year 2012 what is real and what is not, according to the bible.

  • Zeke Aida - Be informed, avoid hidden charges.

    Understand first the purpose of this product; it's a promising expedition in finding a way to allow for limited free internet that keeps your online presence available anywhere, and at anytime. If you take the proper steps to prevent the application of hidden fees (i.e: remove automatic top off, keeping you connection for your own personal use only), you'll receive a high quality product with a free subscription that enables you fast basic web browsing and email capabilities, as well as other low bandwidth activities. Be informed, and use the service correctly!

  • Jane A. - As Described - But didn't load

    I received Card Studio 2011 and it was as described. However it would not install on my Windows 8.1 PC. It went about half way, stopped,and then aborted. Based on my experience I would not recommend this software to others that have a Windows 8 PC.