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  • Wolf0216 - Great Vehicle!

    This vehicle is well made, comfortable and has all the features I need. It also is rugged enough to handle anything I can throw at it. After many years in the Army, this is a like a luxury Humvee.

  • Amazon Customer - So perfect!

    It met my expectations. Totally new and in its box. It was a great gift to give and my niece was very happy to have it!

  • Susan - new hair cleansing concept

    I browsed thru other reviews of this product before ordering and using. When the bottle came I tried it and liked it very much. Like other users, after three or four days I felt my hair was weighed down and a bit limp. I tried my old (professional) shampoo and used Hair One as the conditioner. This worked very well. I have decided to ease into the use of Hair One. I use just Hair One on even days and I use my shampoo and Hair One as the conditioner on odd days. I am an avid user of Moroccian Oil. I have found that I hardly ever need the oil anymore. My hair is in MUCH better condition. I read that one user felt her hair dried faster, I do not experience that. Rinsing is super important, when in doubt - keep rinsing! After a few weeks I tried Hair One as a leave in conditioner on my ends - that was nice, so so so soft hair!! I am gradually going longer between "normal shampoo" uses. Hair One takes getting used to, but it does what it claims to do. Unlike many users I have found 6 or 7 pumps to be more than enough. I do have fine hair, but lots of it - about shoulder length. I suppose everyone has their preference for number of pumps. The first try I used what the bottle recommended - and rinsed forever to get it all out. My hair feels clean and bouncy with 6 or 7 pumps. (total) I will be recommending Hair One to friends. As a sidenote: I did experiment using Hair One as a shaving cream on my legs. This works well, smells awesome, but did not seem to add any moisture to my skin.

  • T. Capobianco - Poor PAD quality - Customer Service Greedy $$$$

    The pads fell apart way more quickly than any other helmet I've had. Called Giro/Bell Sports and they charged me for replacement pads and also shipping. Really? $235 helmet and you can't replace the pads for free when it is clearly a quality issue. Not well made and will be my last Giro/Bell Helmet.

  • Kelly A. Garbato - Great for hardwood floors!

    I live with two dogs and a cat, all of which shed like mad. Before finding the Swiffer, I had to lug the vacuum around and use the extension to suck all the fur off of my hardwood floors - and that didn't even pick up most of the hair. Now, I use the Swiffer twice a week and my floors are hair-free. Granted, the pads tend to fill with hair quickly, and I end up going through two each time I clean the house. To extend their life, I pick large clumps of hair off the pad as I go and use both sides of each pad as well. They're also great for dusting (no cleaning solutions required), and sometimes I'll use the pads for light dusting and then clean the floors with them. The Swiffer is great for cleaning those hard-to-reach places, too - especially under the bed. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it's not quite as good picking up dirt - it can tend to just push the dirt around. But overall, it's certainly better than using a broom!

  • J. White - Excellent Upgrade

    I installed the software without any problems on a Windows 7, 64 bit machine. The software worked well with few issues observed during testing. One of the new features included in AutoCAD 2013 is cloud storage capability. The software is able to sync files onto a cloud operated by Autodesk and thus make files available to others in or outside the organization. Included in the products price is 3 Gb of online storage. This feature seemed to work well except for an occasional sync error. I am confident based on prior use of Autodesk products that the company will work hard to address significant issues with release of one or two service packs.

  • G.M. - Good Price

    This product is price right, I had to change my circuit board, so I also change the old thermostat's too!