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  • S. Gilchrist - Worked for about 3 weeks, then it had trouble ...

    Worked for about 3 weeks, then it had trouble staying on when connected to Bluetooth. Now it won't play at all.

  • L. Hess - Smooth as Silk

    Silky smooth. That's the best way to describe my hair after using this wonderful product. My cupboards are full of beauty products that haven't delivered, but Biosilk Therapy Serum is definitely one that I'll turn to again and again. I use it in conjunction with the hair dryer and a round brush on some days and with a flat iron on others. Even with the harsh heat generated by both items, my hair remains so soft! I don't typically take the time to write reviews, but this is one product that I love. One word of caution, though. Using too much tends to leave the hair a bit oily. I've found that a dime-size portion is perfect.

  • Heather Greene - Sound quality I find these to be somewhat warm though with a good extension from bass to the upper frequencies quite a pleasant

    Included with this pack of headphones are 3 extra sets of tips (one pair pre-fitted) and a mesh padded storage bag/micro USB charging cable. Styling is very much aimed at those who are into sports or similar activities the flexible plastic clip curls behind the ear making it near impossible for the buds to fall off, not everyone likes this style of earphone but I find it effective and it's comfortable too.

  • Amelia B. - really really crappy, worst mp3 player ever

    I had a similar MP3 player from Sylvana which was simple but actually working fine. For this MP3 player the battery lasts less than 2 hours even fully charged up... Apart from that, when you want tojump from one song to another there is an approx. 20 second delay which makes it impossible to quickly jump from one song to another. Moreover, the headphone fitting got loose after having the MP3 player for less than a month. Don't buy this item, it is a waste of money...

  • Tomvader - This fit the delta bassinet, but it's a cheap ...

    This fit the delta bassinet, but it's a cheap fabric and it shrunk, so the fit is very tight, but it will lay flat if you push it down, and the bassinet doesn't come with spares, nor have i found a place to buy a new one meant for it from them, so it works for what i need.