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  • HappyAuntie - Don't hesitate - get it!!!

    I bought this stroller along with the compatible infant seat (Britax B-Safe) as a gift for my brother and his wife. They assembled it the same day and they were soo thrilled with it, they brought it over to my house to show it off to the family. There are so many efficient features that Britax put in that all Moms will love. Those are in the product description. I will say that my brother put my 2 yr old nephew in it and went for a run up and down our long street and the stroller didnt bat an eyelash! It has a lock on the front wheel for this. I wouldnt bring it on unpaved surface to jog. but on a paved surface this stroller can easily double as a jogger. I think parents would love to know how incredibly EASY this stroller is to fold and unfold. It is a genuine one-hand fold. It is so easy to hold things (like baby, or bags, or both!) with one arm and collapse the stroller in the other. It is extremely light. My brother and his wife had purchased a Maxi-Cosi and within 20 minutes of playing with this stroller, my sister-in-law was excaliming that this stroller was HERS and the Maxi-Cosi could be the backup. She loved the ease of folding and the lightness and all the pocket features. This truly is a wonderful stroller. The matching infant seat is amazing too. As a travel system, parents couldnt be happier. With the stroller alone, parents couldnt be happier! Dont hesitate- this is a solid and smart purchase you will be thrilled with.

  • C. E. Wilson - Miraculous Product

    This little bottle of Poo Pourri Heavy Duty is something everyone should have on hand! The perfect "companion" to take if you are traveling or especially if you are going to be a house guest, as it totally zaps any bathroom odor! No worries that you are going to be embarrassed by your bathroom "duties!"

  • muelsan - This has helped relieve my menopause symptoms.

    Ever since my hysterectomy, which threw me immediately into menopause, I have had problems with hot flashes, not sleeping correctly, night sweats and mood swings. I tried taking hormone replacement therapy, but they only made me feel worse, so I decided to try something natural.

  • KLS7522 - I was recommended this product from an lactation consultant to help me ...

    I was recommended this product from an lactation consultant to help me out because I was diagnosed with IGT or Hypolasia of the Breast. I definitely saw and felt an increase in milk supply when using this product correctly.

  • Morgan - Worth It! I highly reccommend!

    I have previously done the NutriMost Diet and it worked great for me. But I was creeping up a few pounds and wanted to get back to my goal weight. While the NM program cost a lot, I was skeptical about these drops. After trying them and following a very similar diet plan to the one I did with NM the drops really worked. As long as you eat only fruits, veggies, and protein meats you'll lose, but keep those daily calories to 750. No preservatives, sugars, oil, ect.

  • The Reader - Best cold medicine ever!!!

    I purchased this product in Germany recently. Both times I have tried it I started taking the medicine at the first signs of a cold: runny nose, sore throat. You take one capsule in the AM, one at lunch and one at dinner for no more than 7 days. Best to take for 30 minutes BEFORE eating. Both times I used it my symptoms stopped within 3 days and I stopped taking it. Its the best cold medicine I have ever used!!!!!