Valeology - a healthy lifestyle, physiology of life - fitness, nutrition, massage, cosmetics - Valeology - a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition and digestion. Physical education and sports, fitness classes. Skin care, massage and cosmetics health. Rehabilitation of patients, resorts and holidays. Psychological balance and the life expectancy of the body. Cloning and gender relations. The impact of weather. Culture and education

  • Hygiene - a branch of medical knowledge that studies the cause and effect of violating a person's life normal physiological (Start article) - Hygiene in the scientific sense, it is a branch of medical knowledge that studies the cause and effect of violating the normal physiological human life and seeking funds for their removal or mitigation
  • Articles to section Hygiene - Health is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Articles to section Hygiene
  • Cosmetics. Cosmetical tools. Skin care. Toiletries. Production of cosmetics - Cosmetics: the history of cosmetics. Entitled cosmetics commonly understood as part of a medical substance, part of the net dressing character is used as the external funds to care for the various parts of the body
  • General questions grooming - General questions grooming. Cleansing mask for the face. Face masks for acne. Caring for eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Beauty treatments and body care products - Beauty treatments and body care. Do not forget to consult with your doctor before using a cosmetic treatment, be aware of side effects
  • Cosmetic surgery - Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery. The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to eliminate or decrease Noteworthy cosmetic flaws, defects, age-related changes of the face and neck and to achieve an average of aesthetic standards. To this mixed with a phobia of the man who for some reason ashamed of their appearance
  • Articles to the section Cosmetics - Articles to the section Cosmetics: Impact of ointments, creams, gels human tissue
  • Healthy eating - part valeology - Balanced diet. The daily energy requirement depends on the daily energy costs, which are made up of energy. The source of energy necessary for life activity is food
  • Classification of food. human food. Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages - Classification of food. Foods are divided into products of vegetable origin, oil of vegetable origin, drinks containing alcohol, soft drinks
  • Terms and definitions in the physiology of nutrition and digestion - In this section, the physiology of nutrition and digestion are presented terms and concepts relating to reflect: the essence of the processes occurring in the gastrointestinal tract - the process of absorption of food and its regulation
  • Food industries and food production: Power - Product - Food industries. The structure and division of industry. Economic importance for food production. Industry directory
  • Normative documents on clinical nutrition and nutritional supplements - Normative documents on clinical nutrition and nutritional supplements. On measures to improve the nutritional care
  • Articles to section nutrition and digestion: Physiology of nutrition, diet - Popular and scholarly articles about the purpose of digestion in the higher animals and humans. Diet food and medical diets. Physiology - the science, which has the task description and explanation of the phenomena of life. Food industry
  • Nursing. Sisters and brothers of mercy - a person who voluntarily devoted themselves to the sick and wounded care - Sisters and brothers of mercy - a person who voluntarily devoted themselves for the sick and wounded. Christian Church in the first century of its existence, took care of the poor and the sick: this was on duty deacons and helped them women, was later called deaconesses; among the deaconesses entered often face the most illustrious families, and even a special royal family
  • Means for care of the sick and the elderly - Description of means and devices for the sick and elderly care. Goods for visiting the hospitals, clinics and medical institutions
  • Methods of treating diseases - articles and reviews - Methods of treating diseases - articles and reviews. Among the diseases faced by many people, is one of the most unpleasant disorders of the musculoskeletal system and spine
  • Normative documents regulating medical activity - Normative documents regulating medical activities, on bed-and care of the terminally ill
  • Palliative care - articles section to nursing. Getting diapers - Articles to the section Caring for the sick. Getting diapers. Palliative care - chosen literature on palliative care
  • About health and disease. Durability life of the organism - Analyzing the health of the individual and its variability under the influence of the external environment and physical education have to look at adapting organism, its endurance and its reaction
  • Different systems to increase life expectancy - It has long been known that the average human lifespan can exceed 100-150 years. This section gives a few tips on how to achieve this result in life expectancy
  • Normative documents related to the increase in life expectancy - Normative documents related to the increase in life expectancy. The federal law on the protection of the health of citizens from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption
  • Articles to longevity section. The beginning and end, birth and death - Popular articles about the life expectancy of organisms on Earth. The body's ability to resist a natural and normal process of aging, having an inevitable result of the death of the organism. To understand the phenomenon of longevity should be familiar with the process of aging and its causes
  • Culture in the social sciences: an introductory article in the section - the culture - The word culture in the social sciences, and especially in the history is used in a double sense. Firstly, a culture of course a certain degree of education, speak of civilized peoples or classes of society, as opposed to the uncultured peoples or classes - in the same sense used expressions like, such as a man of culture, cultural habits
  • Dance - types of dancing - Dance - types of dancing. Selected documents of the Russian Dance Union. The art of dance originated in ancient times. Unusually-dance ancient Greeks interpreted the dance as a beautiful gift from the gods. There were dances militant, religious, public festivities and theater, dancing at home
  • Articles devoted to culture and self-education - Articles devoted to culture and self-education. School of dance can rightly be attributed to a unique type of educational institutions. The World Culture Ball - a complex, multidimensional phenomenon that has evolved along with Russia and the world of social and cultural life
  • Weather: The doctrine of the weather - Introductory article in the weather section - Weather phenomena are presented on the face of extremely complex and intricate. However, if you divide the weather on the main elements determining it, expose them to the study, it has short duration observations revealed that the whole series of changes in the atmosphere, constituting the weather is known to correct or periodicity
  • The main indicators of the state of the atmosphere: temperature, atmospheric pressure, density and humidity, wind speed and direction: teaching about weather - Weather: A study of weather conditions is of great importance for improving human health. To increase knowledge on the weather we recommend you read the following articles Valeology site - healthy lifestyle
  • Climatic equipment: evaporators, car ionizer, air cleaners, humidifiers - Climatic equipment: evaporators, car ionizer, air cleaners, humidifiers. Select all the necessary equipment for the home can be at completely affordable prices

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